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Teeth Whitening Procedure
11 May
Which Teeth Whitening Procedure is safest?
Everyone wants to have a brighter and whiter smile that they could flaunt to their friends, family, and other people. But they also want to get whiter teeth without having to compromise safety. After all,...
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HiWhite Charcoal - Trio Toothpaste
07 May
How to Whiten Teeth at Home in One Day?
How to Whiten Teeth at Home in One Day; Whether it’s for physical coffee meetings or virtual gatherings in Zoom, we tend to make ourselves presentable for others. And so we fix our hair, do skin-care routines,...
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Why is my teeth yellow?
06 May
Why is my teeth yellow?
It’s hard to not notice the not-so-white teeth. After all, we see it almost every time. At certain times, it can be discomforting especially when we are surrounded by people with whom we talk with. So,...
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How to Get White Teeth from Home Without Any Effort ?
05 May
How to Get White Teeth from Home Without Any Effort ?
Nowadays, a lot of teeth whitening procedures are circulating the internet, especially at-home methods -- from using ingredients from the pantry, applying activated charcoal, to getting whitening treatments....
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01 Jul
The Rundown on Teeth Whitening
Whether they’re gearing up for an interview for the next big career move or gunning for that long-awaited promotion, preparing for a milestone event like the dream wedding or perhaps an exciting first...
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blog banner- aftercare tips
30 Apr
Teeth Whitening Aftercare Tips
Nothing makes a more lasting impression than that of a confident smile. This is why a lot of people opt to get teeth whitening, as a way to further enhance their smile and give it that natural yet picture-perfect...
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Blog banner 4 causes of yellow teth
27 Apr
4 Causes of Yellow Teeth
Are you shy to smile in front of people because of your yellow teeth? Your smile is the first thing that people notice about you, but your tooth discoloration is a factor that prevents you from showing...
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Blog banner - The Smile Bar Uptown
17 Apr
The Smile Bar Uptown BGC Branch
They say that first impressions last. And what’s a better way to achieve a perfect first impression than with a flashy white smile? Whether you’re going on your first job interview, a date or attending...
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Blog banner The Importance of smiling
10 Apr
The Importance of Smiling
A smile could be anything – sincere, false, mocking, damped and many other varieties. But one very popular smile that everyone knows is the genuine smile. A sincere smile can bring about countless health...
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