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04 Aug
5 Best Teeth Whitening Products YOU NEED TO USE [2022]
When you’re in a rush and need to have your teeth whitened ASAP, you need the best teeth whitening products at your disposal.  We’ve come pretty far from the days when teeth whitening required a trip...
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28 Jul
Whiten Your Teeth In One Day: We Asked Professionals
According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 25% of people with a flawed smile are objectively less confident. If you have an event coming up soon that’ll require you to flash your pearly whites,...
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22 Jul
2022’s Most Effective Teeth Whitening Products: Brilliant Smile Sweden
Looking for the most effective teeth whitening product out there? As far as teeth whitening goes, there are tons of at-home teeth whitening products that promise to bring you visibly whiter teeth - but...
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17 Jul
How Teeth Whitening Works - Everything You Need To Know
“How does teeth whitening work?” It’s a question that we, as teeth whitening professionals, get all the time. Whenever new clients walk in our door, they want to understand the ins and outs of teeth...
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01 Jul
5 Reasons Why Smiling Is Important
Why is smiling important? Because each smile is different. Humans have learned to smile for a variety of reasons. The smile is the symbol of happiness and it conveys human emotions in a way that no other...
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22 Jun
8 Tips For The Perfect Smile
Everyone wants to have a perfect smile. Whether it’s for graduation pictures, wedding photos, family get-together photoshoots, and the usual summer vacation snapshots, everyone wants to have their amazing...
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What Are The Ways To Whiten Black Stains on Teeth?
18 Jul
How To Whiten Black Stains on Teeth?
Many people desire a beautiful and more radiant look through a whiter set of teeth. On the contrary, several people don’t consider the yellowish color on our teeth as clean or attractive. Yet because of...
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16 Jul
Teeth Whitening Results Before and After?
Teeth Whitening Results Before and After What to Expect? You looked at a mirror, smiled, and noticed that your teeth’ sparkle is slowly fading away due to discoloration. So you searched on the internet...
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Black Tooth: Roots, Prevention, and Cure
13 Jul
Black Tooth: Roots, Prevention, and Cure
It has become relatively easy nowadays to treat most tooth discoloration cases. After all, there is a wide array of options you can choose from that are proven to be effective. However, not all of these...
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