Pre-Wedding Teeth Whitening: What You Should Know!

September 23, 2022

Your wedding day is a unique, one-of-a-kind event for which you should always look your best. Looking back on this day should show how happy you are, and your smile should reflect that. Put your worries aside with a teeth whitening treatment and smile for the world.

It’s often easy to get misled and overwhelmed with so many teeth whitening choices. If you rush into this, you risk losing your money’s value or damaging your teeth and smile. You need a reputable guide to get the most out of this treatment.

Many treatments, such as home remedies, seem attractive, but for the best and safest treatment, you need a professional. We’ve got the complete guide to pre-wedding teeth whitening, so read on!

Leave it to the Experts

To begin with, you should always leave teeth whitening treatments to the experts. You want to ensure that whoever is in charge of your pearly whites has credentials to back themselves up. Many home hacks and quacks are too dangerous or shady to consider.

Additionally, deciding to go ahead with a home remedy guarantees some second guessing. This second-guessing leads to unnecessary anxiety before your wedding day. Even if you finally make up your mind, you risk something going wrong. Many treatments damage your teeth, cause abrasions, and lack safety guidelines. You might very well find yourself spending more than a professional treatment.

This means that looking good is something you should never skimp on. If you worry about breaking your budget, remember that this is a rare event. The best move is to play it safe, as some mistakes may haunt you until your wedding day.

If you want to spare yourself the trip, you can buy an alternative tooth whitening kit. But remember, always follow the instructions to the dot. Or, for peace of mind, you can go to a teeth whitening salon for a session.

Trusted experts such as The Smile Bar not only provide onsite treatments but also provide teeth whitening kits you can use anytime. This means you can also guarantee that your teeth are dazzling no matter where your wedding day occurs.

Choosing the Right Expert

Now that you’ve settled on sticking with the professionals, it’s time to choose the best one for you. Remember, there are many ways to choose a professional and many things to consider. Think about this, then start exploring your options.

What You Should Consider

To make an informed choice regarding your teeth whitening treatment, there are four main points to consider.

  • Is this within my budget
  • How safe are their procedures
  • Do they have positive feedback
  • What do their results look like

With these questions in mind, you’ll get an accurate assessment of whether the service is right for you. The proper selection also ensures that you create a trusting relationship with the salon. This prevents headaches from needing to switch to another provider in the future. 

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When considering experts, you want to assess options that fall within your budget. Many treatment salons, such as The Smile Bar have many options for treatments that can accommodate your wallet. While you shouldn’t always choose the most expensive option, it doesn’t hurt to invest a bit more as well.

Take note that most of the best teeth whitening services and products do not provide dental services. While some dentists offer the same treatment, expect these to be more expensive given their higher strength dental gel. Additionally, dentists primarily focus on oral health and prioritize a far less relaxing experience.

If you start worrying, then ensure that the service providers have safety guidelines. These treatments are non-invasive and provide close to zero discomfort. A real professional will ensure that your treatment is safe and that you know these guidelines before you take the service.

Finally, the easiest way to choose is to look for feedback from satisfied customers and trusted confidants. Make sure to ask questions from both the experts and customers to ensure that you are ready to take the next step.

Taking the Treatment

Now that you’ve chosen the right expert, it’s time to go and get your teeth whitened for your wedding day. Ensure your teeth are clean before undertaking the procedure and making a decision. Your two choices are to take a treatment in their salon or clinic onsite or to buy a kit.

Onsite Treatments

The most significant difference between the two treatments is effectiveness and frequency. An onsite treatment is more likely to be effective and last longer with more treatments.

The Smile Bar’s Teeth Whitening Toolkit – Ready For Action!

An onsite treatment from an established salon such as The Smile Bar uses a low concentrate hydrogen peroxide gel. The gel removes organic and inorganic stains when applied to your teeth and activated by an LED plasma light. Any side effects are meant to be minimal and temporary. 

Take Home Kits

Meanwhile, a take-home kit will also use a non-abrasive hydrogen peroxide gel without the LED treatment. The result is a long process that needs more applications, the price of convenience.

 Additionally, take-home kits are recommended for certain people instead of onsite treatments. Minors, pregnant mothers, and people with braces enjoy a safer experience with the kit.

In either event, the treatment works by restoring the natural enamel color of your teeth. By removing various stains caused by food or poor dental habits, your teeth whiten by several shades. The average whitening effect after one treatment is five shades whiter!

After your treatment, depending on your chosen service, you may need to come back for further sessions. Within one session, you can get your teeth up to two to nine shades whiter. More sessions increase the effect and permanence of this service.

Moving forward, as long as you maintain your dental health and avoid staining your teeth, expect a dazzling smile that lasts. Home kits ensure months of effectiveness, while onsite care can last for up to three years! Don’t hesitate to return to the teeth whitening salon if you need another session. Now, you can face your wedding day with confidence.

Face Your Wedding Day With White Teeth

For one of the most important days of your life, you’ll need confidence, beauty, and a great smile. While achieving all these may seem difficult, fantastic teeth whitening services ticks all the fields. Make sure that you choose a great expert to trust and remember this day for years to come. 


An amazing teeth whitening salon like The Smile Bar has all the tools and professionals you need for the job. If you’re looking for a consistent partner, look no further and contact us now.

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