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Want to know how you can get a whiter, brighter smile at The Smile Bar? Reach out to us or check out these FAQs to learn about our teeth whitening services and products.

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The Smile Bar is a teeth whitening salon that offers the fastest, most effective, and safest teeth whitening system available in the market today.

With every treatment using a state-of-the-art, patented technology from Brilliant SmileTM Sweden, The Smile Bar is every client’s ultimate partner for whiter, brighter smiles.

Different people have different reasons for wanting whiter teeth: from making a positive first impression to looking great in photos, from simply being meticulous with their oral health to gaining new confidence in their smile, and so on.

When you get yourself a cool new hairstyle, or when you put on a stylish ensemble, chances are you’ll look and feel effortlessly confident. So you can just imagine how you’ll feel when you get yourself a whiter, brighter smile!

The Smile Bar uses a state-of-the-art, patented teeth whitening system developed by Swedish company BrilliantSmileTM.

The system can make teeth 2 to 9 shades lighter in just one visit. The whitening gel, which is activated by the LED Plasma Light, quickly, safely, and effectively removes organic stains from your teeth’s enamel.

Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening gel.

At a low concentration, the hydrogen peroxide on The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening gel does not cause any abrasions.

Despite the low concentration, the formula still works well in removing organic stains when activated by the LED Plasma Light.

Depending on the type and degree of discoloration, and on the number of direct whitening sessions you will avail of, your teeth can get anywhere between 2 to 9 shades lighter. The average is 5 shades lighter after one treatment.

During the Orientation & Evaluation, our specialists will assess your teeth to determine its current shade and also to advise you of the results you can expect.

The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening system works exceptionally well in removing organic stains, which are often caused by these three:

(a) consumption of pigmented food such as steaks and heavy sauces, and beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and soda,

(b) tar and nicotine from smoking tobacco products, and

(c) poor oral hygiene.

There are a lot of teeth whitening

A wide array of home teeth whitening kits are available in the market today, with varying price points, chemical solutions, and application methods, but the results are hardly guaranteed.

While DIY isn’t bad, there are certain brands of home treatment kits that contain highly-abrasive compounds that can damage your teeth’s enamel and make it weaker, which could lead to sensitivity.

That said, some things are better left at the hands of experts who know what they’re doing. Drop by The Smile Bar and let our specialists help you get a whiter, brighter smile.

Yes, The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening system is as safe as it is effective.

All products used by The Smile Bar is developed by our partner, Brilliant SmileTM Sweden, which conducts thorough tests to ensure that they are safe for both teeth and gums.

BrilliantSmileTM Sweden is a trusted brand in Europe and is an industry leader in premium cosmetic teeth whitening.

The LED Plasma Light technology activates the whitening gel and speeds up the whitening process. Compared to other teeth whitening methods, this treatment combination produces better results in a shorter period of time.

In addition, because LED Plasma Light does not emit ultraviolet rays, it is also 100% safe.

The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening treatment is a non-invasive treatment, and thus rarely causes any side effects. Some customers experience a slight tingling sensation a session. This is natural and disappears on its own after 24 hours.

The Smile Bar’s direct whitening treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, people wearing dental braces, and children and teenagers under the age of 16 years old.

However, they may opt to use Brilliant SmileTM Sweden Whitening Oral Care Regime. Although it is not as effective as the in-salon treatment, the system can dissolve surface stains, prevent further teeth discolouration, and keep your oral health in check.

The Smile Bar’s direct whitening treatment is effective in removing tooth discoloration brought about by lifestyle choices like food and beverages, smoking, and poor oral hygiene. That said, it’s very rare for it to not work.

However, there may be some exceptions where genetics and/or diseases may prevent or make it difficult for a person to get whiter teeth. But only about 15% of the global population is affected by this.

Compared to gray teeth, yellow teeth are generally easier to whiten.

The Smile Bar’s direct whitening works best on organic stains caused by food and beverage pigments, smoking, and oral hygiene habits.

That said, the treatment brings back the teeth’s natural whiteness — the original color of the enamel determined by genetics — prior to such discoloration.

Although The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening technology is particularly effective on natural teeth, it also helps remove organic stains on crowns, bridges, and veneers to bring them back to their original shade or luster.

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Your teeth will be vulnerable to new discoloration for about 72 hours after a direct whitening session.

The reason for this is your teeth’s calcium is diminished by the treatment, which creates microscopic pores on the surface. While these spots will be replenished naturally with your body calcium, a fluoride rinse twice a day is also recommended.

During this time, customers should refrain from consuming the following:

(a) dark-colored drinks such as coffee, red wine, tea, and soda,

(b) chocolates, red meat, and other heavily-pigmented foods,

(c) acidic foods such as vinegar, citrus, soy, tomatoes, chili sauce.

Smoking is also not advised.

Customers who can’t adhere to these restrictions may opt for NanoSeal Total+, an add-on to the treatment that eliminates the 72-hour window on eating, drinking, and smoking.

NanoSeal Total+ is a liquid solution applied on your teeth immediately after the whitening procedure. It is applied directly on the teeth using a small brush.

It reinforces the enamel and seals the whiteness of your teeth, so you can eat, drink, and/or smoke right after treatment without the risk of any new discoloration.

Given that teeth discoloration is more often than not caused by lifestyle choices, you play a big part in determining how long the results of the direct whitening treatment will last.

Practicing good oral hygiene, cutting back on your consumption of heavily-pigmented food and beverages, as well as not smoking can help you maintain whiter teeth for up to 6 months.

Furthermore, The Smile Bar recommends direct whitening sessions once a month matched with the daily use of Brilliant SmileTM Sweden Whitening Oral Care products, which lets you effectively maintain your white new smile right at home.

The two-step Brilliant SmileTM Sweden Whitening Oral Care Regimen, exclusively available at The Smile Bar, will help you keep your smile whiter for a longer.

Gargle with Brilliant SmileTM Sweden WhiteningEVO Mouthrinse. Take 10mL of the mouthrinse, swish around your mouth for about 1 minute, and then spit it out.

Apply a pea-sized amount of Brilliant SmileTM WhiteningEVO Toothpaste (or Brilliant SmileTM WhiteningBOOST Toothpaste for two-week intensive whitening) on a toothbrush and brush your teeth as you normally do.

Safe for daily use, both products dissolve surface stains, which in turn helps minimise or prevent teeth discoloration.

Brilliant SmileTM Sweden Whitening Oral Care products do not contain hydrogen peroxide or other oxidizing substances, harmful abrasives.

To loosen surface stains on your teeth and thus make them easier to brush off, it’s best to use Brilliant SmileTM Sweden WhiteningEVO Mouthrinse before brushing.

Brilliant SmileTM Sweden’s Whitening Oral Care products are available exclusively at The Smile Bar.

Both are gel-based whitening toothpastes that dissolve surface stains on your teeth to help minimize or prevent new discolouration without causing any abrasions on the enamel. They also promote overall oral health by protecting teeth from cavities, plaque, sensitivity, and bad breath.

The difference, however, is in the potency of the formulation and the recommended usage.

Brilliant SmileTM Sweden WhiteningEVO Toothpaste (blue) is the original formulation that’s ideal for daily use. Brilliant SmileTM Sweden WhiteningBOOST
Toothpaste (red), on the other hand, is an intensive care toothpaste that gives an extra whitening boost through a stronger concentration and additional whitening ingredients. It should be daily for two weeks, before switching back to Brilliant SmileTM Sweden WhiteningEVO Toothpaste.

From 2 to 9 shades lighter in 20 minutes!

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