Bright Smile Stories

Find out how these people made their lives brighter when they chose to have whiter smiles with The Smile Bar.

Rhea Camille-Chong

Rhea Camille-Chong

Self-care is part of the job

“Your smile can make or break your look, no matter how cool your outfit is or how nice your hair and makeup are,” shares realtor, influencer, and model Rhea Camille Chong. With all her jobs putting her right in people’s eyes, she is understandably OC when it comes to dental care. “Looking your absolute best means you have to take care of your smile, too.”

Jay Avellana

Jay Avellana

Finally, an answer to Fluorosis!

“For most people, the stains simply make their all teeth a certain shade of yellow,” he begins. “But my problem is that the color of my teeth weren’t just yellow, they were uneven, too.”

Mica Pineda

Mica Pineda

Multiple talents, one confident smile

“I love what I do, and it’s a lot of fun,” she begins. “But it’s not easy. It takes real hard work and discipline to prepare for a role and host an event, to memorize lines for a play or TVC, or produce a video on a trip.”

Jessey De Leon

Jessey De Leon

Triple whitening for the triple-threat

Jessey knew and understood that her white, bright smile gives her a huge advantage. But with plenty of other beautiful women vying for the same modeling gigs, taking care of her teeth (with her daily brushing and gargling and the usual twice-a-year prophylaxis) is no longer enough — she needed to make them look even better.

Kat Reambillo

Kat Reambillo

At the frontline with her smile

As a former airline cabin crew, her fixation with white teeth isn’t just understandable — it’s actually quite necessary. It was not about vanity, but rather about looking clean and hygienic, and generally presentable, for the passengers. Being a service frontliner, it was a part of her job to put a premium on her physical appearance, especially her smile.

Lisa Uy

Lisa Uy

Power woman, powerful smile

“It just didn’t look good at all,” she adds. “And as the app grew more popular, I had more interviews lined up and I didn’t want to appear in them with teeth like that.”

Leslie Lindberg

Leslie Lindberg

From geek to girlboss

“They said some people got great results already with just Single Whitening,” she notes. “But I decided right away on the double because I was worried that the stains on my teeth won’t come off in just 20 minutes.”

Jeremy Pivett

Jeremy Pivett

A trip to whiter teeth!

As someone who tends to look at other people’s smiles when he first meets them, Jeremy understands and appreciates just how important one’s smile is in creating a positive and lasting impression.

Aaron Atayde

Aaron Atayde

Goodbye yellowness, hello confidence!

“I can laugh and smile and go through my day without having thinking of all that. It’s liberating.”

Smile Testimonials

"We're really into keeping our teeth healthy and beautiful but we don't want to undergo invasive teeth whitening. The Smile Bar offers absolutely painless technology and really great results."

"In the process, I did not feel anything at all. And I got 8 shades whiter!"

"I can't believe my teeth can get any whiter!"

"I got 10 shades lighter during my first visit, I can't believe it! I also got to sit in this really comfy egg chair and the blanket and pillows just make the experience really comfortable."

"As they say, always keep smiling! Now, I can smile as much as I want confidently!"

"Now I can smile all I want whenever I'm teaching a cycling class!"

"It was very comfortable and I did not feel a thing!"

"My teeth got 10 shades whiter and I can't believe it."

"I feel extra confident every time I visit The Smile Bar!"

"It's one of the most amazing things I've done with my teeth."

"Always wanted to try teeth whitening and then I found out about The Smile Bar. So happy with the results and can't wait to come back to finish my Yearly Whitening package in time for my wedding!"

"Definitely worth the time and money. Service was fantastic"

"20 minutes went by so fast and my teeth really got whiter. Bye coffee stains!"

"Now I can smile with more confidence!"

"I expected to feel a little bit of pain, but surprisingly none! And I got 10 shades whiter!"

"I'm now picture ready in all my events, thanks to my whiter smile!"

"I always though teeth whitening was very painful but I thought wrong with The Smile Bar"

"I'm so happy, I can smile all day!"

"My whiter smile definitely completes my look!"

"I felt so relaxed the entire time"

"I can't believe I had 10 shades whiter without feeling anything!"

"I can't stop smiling! I really love the treatment and my results!"

"Really saw the difference in my teeth after my first visit!"

"I'm so happy with the results and even got the products to maintain my teeth white in time for my wedding!"

"I got 8 shades whiter and definitely coming back to reach my whitest shade!"

"I can't wait to smile at everyone right now."

"I am guilty of eating a lot of Filipino viands and I think that caused my yellow teeth. Thankful for The Smile Bar for a painless teeth whitening experience! Will definitely be back!

"I love how the place has their own iPad and informs you about the whole procedure! Will surely visit again!"

“Now, there’s no reason to be conscious when the camera zooms up close during taping!”

“Definitely did not feel a thing and my teeth got a lot whiter after Double Whitening.”

“Was just browsing through my phone the whole time. My teeth got 8 shades whiter!”

“It is a new concept to take in, but I absolutely love it! The teeth whitening experience is a game changer”

“My teeth definitely got brighter!”

“I can smile more confidently!”

“Can’t wait to take more smiling photos!”

“My whiter smile makes me feel like I’m a whole new different person!”

“I’m very happy with my results (8 shades) and happier that there’s no downtime. Will keep this in my beauty maintenance to always have a whiter smile”

"50 years from now and we look at our wedding photos again, we might regret if we didn't have our teeth whitened!"

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