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At The Smile Bar, it felt different. I felt welcomed and well-taken care of

As a person with veneers, I’m not 100% sure if teeth whitening treatments are a good fit for me. I have been to a lot of sites and clinics where I learned that veneers are not compatible with the bleaching process. And The Smile Bar said the same. But I really want whiter teeth so this teeth whitening salon located in the Ayala Vertis mall branch  promised me that my teeth could get 2 to 9 shades lighter for my natural teeth but since some parts of my teeth are already veneered, not much change can happen, they can only bring it back to its brighter condition.So, I gave it a shot.


While at The Smile Bar, it felt different. I felt welcomed and well-taken care of. Felt really pampered because I was personally assisted. She explained thoroughly the step-by-step process.   


I also got to try their Brilliant Smile MouthrinseEVO and Whitening Toothpaste during the pre-cleanse. I like the minty flavor and it’s not too stinging. Then, she led me to this pod that looked like an egg. It only lasted for less than an hour. I didn’t feel bored at all as I was watching my favorite show within that time frame (yes, they would let you do that while sitting on the chair). And the moment of truth finally came in. After the Double Whitening treatment, my teeth (and even those with veneers) became 4 shades lighter!

As a professional makeup artist, enhancing beauty is something my clients look for, it gives them extra boost of confidence especially on their wedding day, they want to look their most radiant self. And for me having whiter teeth completes it.

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From 2 to 9 shades lighter in 20 minutes!

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