How To Throw A Microwedding

September 13, 2023

Do you want to get married, but dread the prospect of planning and spending for a wedding? We get you. A wedding can be a huge strain on your time, energy, and budget. 

However, you shouldn’t worry! You can still celebrate your special day by throwing a microwedding! Unlike a traditional wedding, a microwedding is a small, intimate gathering of usually less than 50 guests or less. A microwedding is just like a traditional wedding, just done on a much smaller scale. So, here’s how you can throw a microwedding.

If a microwedding sounds like something you’d be interested in, read on! In this article, we’ll give you tips and tricks on how to throw the perfect microwedding! 

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Key Points

A microwedding is a great alternative to a traditional wedding for those who want a small and intimate ceremony. To throw a microwedding, the most important thing to do is judiciously decide on your guest list. From there, you can set your budget, pick your venue, and continue with planning the microwedding of your dreams!

How to Throw A Microwedding

Unfortunately, you’re not going to get away with completely not planning by choosing to throw a microwedding. However, planning a microwedding is much easier than planning a traditional one, and there are unique benefits that you can only get by throwing a microwedding. 

Tip: If you don’t want to plan a microwedding on your own, enlisting the help of a wedding planner can make the whole process even easier! 

1.) Decide On Your Guest List

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Unlike a traditional wedding, where deciding on your guest list comes later in the planning process, choosing who to invite on your big day is one of the first things you have to do when throwing a microwedding. Everything will revolve around how many guests are in attendance. Remember, in a microwedding, there are usually 50 guests or less. So, be judicious and brave when making your guest list. Invite your closest family and friends, and don’t feel indebted to those who don’t make the cut. It’s your day, not theirs! 

Tip: Don’t let guilt be the reason you decide to invite someone to your wedding. Invite the people you truly want around for the special occasion. 

2.) Set Your Budget

The next step in throwing a microwedding: set your budget. With a microwedding, you can choose to work with a much more modest budget as compared to what you’d need to throw a traditional wedding. You can keep the money you saved for a rainy day, or you can spend it on your rings, your honeymoon, or any other expenses you’ll incur as a newly married couple. Microweddings also give you the option to splurge on your big day. Because of the small number of guests in attendance, you’ll be able to happily spoil your closest family and friends with the best. 

Tip: Listing your priorities is a great way to decide on what you should and shouldn’t spend on.

3.) Pick Your Venue

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You’ll find that you have a lot of fun venue options to choose from when you throw a microwedding. From your favorite local restaurants, cafes, or bars to unique spaces like galleries, libraries, or parks – the possibilities are endless! You also have the option to hold your ceremony somewhere significant for you as a couple, like your own home. Not only do these smaller spaces save you a lot of money in rental fees, but they are also more intimate.

You can even throw a destination wedding! It’s much easier to fly 20 people out to your dream destination than 100 people. 

Tip: When picking a venue for your microwedding, think of places close to your hearts. 

4.) Pick And Choose Traditions

Microweddings are more relaxed than traditional weddings. You have the freedom to pick and choose which wedding traditions you want to incorporate into your ceremony and reception. For example, instead of having only a select few give speeches at your wedding, as is the norm, have an open mic! An open mic makes the environment more laid back, and you’ll be able to shed a tear from tender words or laugh at embarrassing stories from all your guests. 

Tip: Be as creative and loose as you want when picking what wedding traditions you want to include in your microwedding! Or, make your own traditions!

5.) Write Your Vows

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Don’t be afraid to pour your heart out when writing your vows. You won’t be reciting them in front of your distant cousin or your gym buddy. Instead, only your closest family and friends, those who really mean a lot to you, will be hearing you. You’ll be surrounded by your small circle who truly care about you and your partner, so don’t feel any stage fright! Speak freely and let your significant other know how much you love them! 

Tip: Don’t procrastinate writing your vows. Your first draft is unlikely to be your final one, so make sure you have enough time to articulate exactly what you want to say. 

6.) Add Meaningful Touches

Hand-written notes for every guest, painted instead of printed invitations, personalized gift boxes, the list goes on and on. It’s easier to add meaningful touches to your wedding when everything is on a smaller scale. You can take the time to think about what special additions you can make to make your day even more memorable. It’s also easier to do because you’re guaranteed to have a personal connection with each guest invited. 

Tip: Meaningful touches don’t have to be things. Fun activities that are important to you and your partner also count!

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