Holiday Gifts For Friends and Family: 5 Unexpected (And Healthy) Options

Everyone knows the winter holidays as a time for family and friends, feasting, and exciting holiday gifts. Unless, of course, you forgot to select a holiday gift, in which case, disaster awaits!

Choosing an amazing gift is a skill that is best honed over time. You can’t just expect to walk into a store and grab the first thing you see. That’s a poor way to show how much you care about people. Even worse, you’ll feel horrible internally for how you’ve mistreated them.

As a responsible and caring person, you must provide a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. You want your gift to personally enrich their lives by being thoughtful and in line with their needs and wants. Making sure these are healthy, and fun doesn’t hurt as well!

It may be a lot to take in, but don’t worry. Read below to discover some of the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones!

Choosing Awesome Holiday Gifts

To choose an excellent gift, you need to reflect on who you’re giving this to and consider their likes and dislikes. Here are several other things to think about:

  • Does this person already have this?
  • Will they appreciate this gift?
  • How practical is it?
  • Is this a gift that keeps on giving?

These questions often slip past many people’s minds when they choose gifts. This is because they panic and fixate on the idea of a perfect gift. This leads to gifts that are either unnecessarily complicated or simply awkward.

You want a gift that a person does not have to avoid redundancy. While this seems obvious, many don’t bother because they think any gift is perfect enough. But most gifts that are too good to be true are probably already possessed by your recipient, so do your research.

A gift should also align with a person’s passions and wants. A person who loves taking photos and looking great will value a teeth whitening kit more than a hardcore gamer. You want gifts that aren’t generic but also fit your recipient’s personality.

Practicality and a gift that keeps on giving are facets that have to do with the value of a gift. You want a gift that solves problems and enriches people. Avoid surprises that require too much attention, like a pet. Instead, choose safe options whose value lasts over a long period, such as wellness gifts that improve their day-to-day without much investment. These are gifts that last for a long period and can even be a big part of a person’s life. Read more down below to get some awesome gift ideas!

Wellness Journals

A wellness journal serves to track various aspects of your well-being, allowing personal reflection and action. As a Christmas gift, this lines up perfectly in preparation for the new year, when people strive to grow. Whoever you give this to can now monitor their growth and see how far they’ve come!

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

Give a wellness journal to those who love writing down their thoughts and feelings. The journal serves to provide mental well-being and health by acting as a source of expression. Even better, writing down various health aspects such as one’s diet and routine turns this into a handy fitness tracker!

A Gym Membership

If you need to give a gift to someone who prefers a more hands-on approach, consider gifting a gym membership! A gym membership is one of the best ways to keep healthy and stay in shape. Not only are members able to get access to exercise machines and routines but to a vibrant community as well.

Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

A gym membership for first-time goers allows them to test their limits. Interacting with fitness coaches and other gymgoers also creates lasting bonds. To fully maximize this gift, consider going with them to deepen your personal connection and enjoy spending time with each other.

Portable Blenders

A portable blender is an interesting idea for those who love to experiment and enjoy eating healthy. A portable blender is perfect for taking wherever and whenever, acting as a companion for those with active lifestyles. Additionally, this gift churns out the perfect drink supplements for any diet, keeping users hydrated and fit.

Photo by Jake Weirick on Unsplash

This gift also isn’t limited to just blending fruits and vegetables. As a handy kitchenware appliance, you can create smoothies, mix sauces, and even cocktails. Kids love experimenting with this, making it a good idea to get kids to eat healthily. 

Whitening Kit

For some individuals, the best gift is the gift of confidence and to keep on smiling. For these, a teeth whitening treatment is a perfect gift. A teeth whitening product allows users to whiten their teeth anywhere, anytime! 

This product is perfect for people who want that extra insurance before big events and celebrations. Knowing that your smile is dazzling keeps you cool and confident, making you more likely to enjoy your time. 

This functions through a gel that neutralizes and removes organic and inorganic stains on teeth, keeping their enamel naturally clean and lustrous. With effects lasting from six months to more, you can be sure that this holiday gift keeps on giving. 

Professional Teeth Whitening

If you want to go even further, consider an in-office teeth whitening treatment instead. A trusted salon such as The Smile Bar has experts that can ensure that whoever you gift will have a relaxing and safe time. 

Unlike a take-home kit, the treatment is much faster thanks to an LED plasma light that activates the gel quicker. Within the day, expect the onsite session to act more effectively at retaining the whitening effect due to their technology. Compared to a take-home kit, expect the effect to last 2-3 years! FIll in the form below and get a free teeth-whitening consultation when you book your session!


During the season of giving, you want to be sure that you give generously to the people you love. They deserve the best gifts and services from the best places like The Smile Bar! Show them how much you love them and keep them healthy for more holidays.

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