The Bald Baker Day In The Life: More Confidence With The Smile Bar

Who would have thought that a foodie and teeth-whitening salon could see eye-to-eye? Cy Ynares, better known for his online alias “The Bald Baker,” recently paid a visit to The Smile Bar in his day-in-the-life video covering, well,  everything he does in a day!

Check it out at full-length down below.

About The Bald Baker

Cy Ynares , better known as his online alias “The Bald Baker,” is an online influencer and entrepreneur. His passion for baking can be seen in his online store and Instagram account. With over 50k total followers on his account and thousands of positive reviews on his cooking, we’re excited to have him as one of our proud customers. 

Check out some of his other work on his blog and Instagram. 

Bringing Out A Brighter Smile 

“Now, fun fact: if you guys didn’t know, I take real good care of my teeth, so let’s get started.” – Cy Ynares, The Bald Baker

One of the highlights of his day was his visit to The Smile Bar, the Philippines’ premier teeth whitening salon for brighter, whiter teeth. The process took no more than 20 minutes and instantly whitened his teeth by up to 9 shades.

“One of my favorite things about The Smile Bar is how chic and modern their salon’s look.”

The Smile Bar has made it a point to bring a luxury, first-class experience to our customers. The salon looks like no other – The experience and salon has been beautifully designed and well-lit. The egg shaped pods for our chairs may seem like odd attractions but they were designed specifically to bring maximum comfort while allowing our patrons the privacy to relax and enjoy their time in The Smile Bar. 

“The Smile Bar’s teeth whitening is effective in removing tooth discoloration caused by poor oral hygiene, smoking, and other lifestyle choices. This is great news for me because I’m a foodie talaga.”

The Smile Bar process has been highlighted multiple times in our blogs; so we won’t go too much into it. What we do want to highlight is how everyday activities leave lasting stains on your teeth. Smoking, drinking wine, and even something as simple as coffee, are all leading causes of discoloration. Over time, these simple, everyday activities can darken your teeth and ruin your smile. 

But, The Smile Bar reverses years of discoloration in as quick as 20 minutes.  In just one session, you’ll visibly see the difference. Our Smile Tenders will always take note of your teeth’ color, both before and after the session.

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The Smile Bar. A Brighter Life Starts With A Brighter Smile. 

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