Influencer Teeth Whitening: How Do Influencers and Celebrities Get Whiter Teeth?

October 1, 2022

Influencer teeth whitening is often undervalued. Influencers and celebrities always seem to have the natural charm and confidence to win over people. Whether it’s their charismatic personality or their perfect smile, they radiate confidence. If you want that same confidence and style but don’t know where to start, look no further, now you too can get the same amazing smile.

Mica Pineda with The Smile Bar

A celebrity or influencer’s smile is the perfect thing to emulate. While you may not have the years of training they have in acting, you can still visit the experts who make them look great. Teeth whitening is an affordable and great place to start since it requires little investment while making you look naturally attractive. It’s a noticeable change that will get a few heads turning and will increase your confidence.

Luckily, getting that right smile is available for just about everyone. You can get a service that’s on par with the best celebrity teeth whitening if you know where to look.


The Solution: Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an oral procedure that restores teeth to their natural state and color. For many people, teeth whitening matters because it improves their smile and confidence and makes them feel great. Others also see the value in making sure that their teeth are stain free.


Aesthetic and Personal Benefits

Confidence matters a lot for many people because they are naturally anxious about their appearance and how others perceive them. Having whiter teeth allows them to show others that they take pride in their personal appearance.


Getting influencer-level teeth whitening means that you know your value and love yourself. It shows your dedication to yourself and makes people appreciate you.


Given the nature of the treatments as well, the effect is guaranteed to last anywhere from  6 months to a year. That means that this is a treat for yourself that keeps on giving.

Health Benefits

Without the aesthetic benefits, many people still want teeth whitening because it extrinsically cleans their teeth. This prevents the buildup of nasty hard to clean stains from food, drinks, and other oral substances that may damage the teeth.


These stains when built up over time, not only mar your appearance but may lead to further damage to your teeth’s enamel. A teeth whitening treatment removes the stains  and prevents further damage.


How Professional Teeth Whitening Works

To get to the level of celebrity teeth whitening, you have to go with the professionals. Many influencers prefer these because of the following reasons:

  • Safe and professional treatment
  • Top-class relaxation and accommodation
  • Expert services with positive feedback


Many professionals ensure that you don’t have to worry about the procedure’s safety as they are certified and have reflective, positive feedback. They also have clear safety guidelines implemented and available for review. 


In particular, products and services endorsed by professionals such as The Smile Bar, a salon for teeth whitening in BGC, use up-to-date technology for efficient treatments. This results in safe, quick, and effective teeth whitening services influencers love!

Flashing Those Pearly Whites  – Photo Taken From The Smile Bar Archives


The alternative to professionals is home hacks and treatments that may put you and your teeth in danger. Many of these hacks are untested and may result in teeth damage that may set your wallet back. This is because you may not know how your teeth will react to random chemicals that may damage your teeth.


For celebrity teeth whitening services, you should always stick with the professionals. You won’t just come out with whiter teeth but with great memories to boot. Influencer teeth whitening might seem scary – but it’s entirely possible!


Safe Teeth Whitening Options With The Smile Bar

To avail of the teeth whitening in the Philippines, there’s no better place to look than the Smile Bar. It is one of the premier whitening salons for Filipino celebrities and influencers. Aside from their onsite services, they have various products to maintain your smile.



Products from The Smile Bar are designed for comfort and aftercare for your pearly whites. They primarily function to whiten your teeth from the convenience of your own home. While they might not be as efficient or comforting as an onsite treatment, they are versatile and can be used anytime.


While they may not have the same shine or efficacy as onsite treatments, at the very least, you have a couple of products to choose from. The Smile Bar has a diverse range of teeth whitening and aftercare products that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are a few that stand out:

  • Brilliant Smile™  Whitening Toothpaste
  • Brilliant Smile™  Whitening Mouthrinse
  • Smoothly Green Toothbrushes


These products are designed to work together to make your home experience almost as comfortable as the real onsite treatment. Influencers and celebrities know that having the right tools to look great is crucial. So don’t hesitate and get the products that bring out your best smile.


Onsite Sessions

Onsite sessions have pros with actual experience inside the salon or teeth whitening office. The staff in these locations are trained to maximize the comfort and relaxation of their clients. Additionally, with state-of-the-art technology, treatments often happen faster and with stronger effects.


There are a few cons to an onsite treatment other than you taking the time to schedule an appointment and going there yourself. With all the benefits this brings, however, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. Currently, The Smile Bar process has four steps to get you whiter teeth in minutes!


  • Orientation and Evaluation
  • Pre Whitening Preparations
  • The Whitening Treatment
  • Post Whitening Results


The first step in orientation and evaluation is to inform you about the entire process, while determining what shade your teeth currently are. After this, pre whitening preparations clean your mouth using Brilliant Smile™  Whitening Toothpaste and Brilliant Smile™  Whitening Mouthrinse, two familiar products above!


This ensures that during the teeth whitening treatment, your teeth are whitened quickly and safely with BrilliantSmile™ Sweden Whitening Gel. The treatment finishes faster with the LED plasma light as the light quickens the gel’s whitening properties.


The four-step process ends with you seeing the results of the treatment! Find out how many shades lighter your teeth have become and continue using The Smile Bar’s exclusive BrilliantSmileTM Sweden Oral Care system to keep that brilliant shine.

The Smile Bar LED lights in action

The Smile Bar LED lights in action – Photo Taken From The Smile Bar

As the premier salon for teeth whitening in BGC and Ayala Vertis North, The Smile Bar will always offer the most diverse options that fit your needs. Whether you want to take home a product or book a session, they’ve got your back, or rather, teeth, covered.


Get Whiter Teeth Now!

Influencers aren’t just confident of their looks, they trust the right people to ensure it. Now, you can as well by trusting the professionals at The Smile Bar. Contact us and book a session now for the best teeth whitening in BGC, and enjoy a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

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