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31 Mar
The Smile Bar Vertis North
Located at the sprawling Ayala community in Quezon City, The Smile Bar Vertis North offers spa-like teeth whitening treatments for everyone to enjoy.  Upon entering our doors, customers and guests alike...
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23 Mar
What’s the Right Toothbrush For You?
Dental hygiene is one of the most important things every adult should observe. On top of brushing your teeth at least twice a day, it is also essential to floss regularly and schedule dental visits to...
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13 Mar
Introduction to Teeth Whitening Industry
For countless generations, many cultures have regarded white teeth as a sign of affluence and health – even until today. Though compared to now, people then were without safe recourse to any sort of teeth...
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06 Mar
First Day of your Job Self-care Tips
Coming out of college, there will be a lot of firsts. Quite possibly one of the most important ones would be related to your first job. Not only is this the start of a new chapter for you, but it is...
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different kind of smiles
28 Feb
Different Smiles and their Meaning Behind
Smiles are social connectors that are difficult to decipher. In many cases, a smile could mean sadness, guilt, greed, hate, joy or anything in between. It is an evolutionary trait we use to identify a...
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debunking teeth whitening myths
21 Feb
Debunking Teeth Whitening Myth
Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and in-demand dental procedures. Just like your favorite celebrities, you too can achieve that bright and white smile you’ve been longing for. Though, with...
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oral care solutions
14 Feb
All About Oral Care Solutions
When it comes to Oral Care, it’s not only important to get the best products that not only enhance your smile but also deliver the right results. Luckily The Smile Bar is fully equipped with our BrilliantSmile™...
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teeth whitening salon couple
07 Feb
Wow your partner with a whiter smile this love month
It’s officially the month of love! Celebrating Valentine’s Day would normally entail planning out a romantic dinner or an out-of-town getaway to spend time with your loved one. Ladies would normally...
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01 Feb
Wedding Day Teeth Whitening Preparation
All couples aspire to be the best that they can be on time for their wedding day. From meticulously planning their wedding details – from booking the perfect venue, photographer, to hair and make-up artists...
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