How to whiten yellow teeth?

May 12, 2021
How to whiten yellow teeth

How to whiten yellow teeth: As we grow old and get more active with community activities, we naturally tend to present ourselves more outside. From this, we simultaneously sense the need not only to feel better but also to look better. And what is more perceivable by others, aside from our faces, than our smiles?


Lately, many people have been asking how to whiten yellow teeth. A lot of people have gone different ways to answer such a query trying one whitening treatment after another be it through at-home remedies or in-office operations.


But surprisingly only a few are interested in knowing what yellow teeth means. Is having one really bad? Will it cause damage? Or is it truly unappealing? 

Well, for the latter question, maybe (or maybe not!). If you want to know more about what yellowing of the teeth means and its sources, read on. Maybe, your perception of it will change.

Why is my teeth yellow: Stain-producing factors

We can point to a lot of possible answers to ‘why is my teeth yellow’, some of them you may already know. So let’s start off with the most unnoticed stain-producing variables.

  • Age: As we grow older, the outermost layer of teeth called the enamel naturally lays a layer off making it appear thinner than how it looks before. As it gets slimmer over time, the hard tissue inside called the dentin which is yellowish in color gets more visible to the outside.
  • Grinding: The majority of people with this habit are probably not aware that they have it. Teeth grinding weakens the tooth enamel making it brittle and more prone to yellowing of teeth. Such a habit commonly happens when we’re asleep, so ask a friend for help and maybe you’ll get your answer to ‘why is my teeth yellow’.
  • Drugs/ Medications: Antibiotics like doxycycline and tetracycline can influence the formation of enamel especially for children under 8 years old. Mouthwashes that have cetylpyridinium chloride and chlorhexidine in their formula can likewise cause tooth discoloration.
  • Environment: Exposure to much fluoride — from water or excessive use — can cause fluorosis which in many cases appear as white marks on the surface of teeth.
  • Illness: Medical conditions that require certain treatments like chemotherapy and radiation are highly likely to get discolored teeth. 
  • Food, beverages, lifestyle: The more likely answer to ‘why aremy teeth yellow’ can be traced to one’s lifestyle, especially from what he consumes. The biggest contributors to stains accumulating on the surface of teeth are coffees, sauces, wines, fizzy drinks, teas, berries, and much more. If consumed in high amounts and regularly, these products will leave blemishing effects that are mainly caused by their chemicals called tannins. Another lifestyle factor is smoking. The tar and nicotine can turn the color of teeth to yellow or brown.
Answering the question ‘why is my teeth yellow’, drinking coffee is considered one of the biggest contributors

Answering the question ‘why is my teeth yellow’, drinking coffee is considered one of the biggest contributors

What yellow teeth means (& misunderstandings)

Following the section above, it can be inferred that, in presence of almost unnoticeable tooth discoloration factors, understanding what yellow teeth mean may require additional push or effort. And in this path, being aware first of the misconceptions is the right footstep.


One of the biggest misleading perceptions circling on having discolored teeth (yellow) is that it pertains to unhealthy teeth. This is not always the case. Although the yellowing of teeth may have arisen from poor oral hygiene as with common circumstances, some just naturally come with genes and, thus, may be even considered healthy.


Some scientists argue yellow teeth means strong ones (as compared to treated ones with whitening procedures). This claim is supported by the fact that some teeth are just discolored due to their genes which does not necessarily mean poor oral health. 


Another misconception associated with the yellowing of teeth is about the use of braces which, as some say, causes discoloration. It is not the braces that stain the teeth but the plaque and tartar buildup that happens when using it. Such growth in mouth bacteria is boosted by wearing braces which, as time passes by and with little care, may affect the enamel. With this, we can say yellow teeth means, through inefficient utilization of braces, is a damaged one.


Having this orthodontic treatment, one can notice that foods, especially stain-producing ones, accumulate faster in between the teeth and bracket. It can also happen to the elastic part too. Which is why it is highly recommended to change it and have it checked with a dentist every 6 to 8 weeks to assure that no probable cause of stain or oral health disease is present.

According to scientists, yellow teeth means strong teeth

According to scientists, yellow teeth means strong teeth

Treating and avoiding the causes of yellow teeth

There are a few ways on how to solve tooth discoloration. But, now that we know the causes of yellow teeth, we can all agree on one thing: preventing it is the best response. 


From at-home remedies to in-office treatments, let’s tackle the most efficient, active, and safest way of treating stained teeth. 

At-home remedies:

  • Baking soda: A popular choice for those who want to whiten their teeth cost-effectively, using baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) as a whitening agent comes in different combinations. You can use the simple mixture of water and baking soda as a paste, or mix the same ingredient with hydrogen peroxide which is supposed to remove stains and lighten the shade of teeth.
  • Whitening products (toothpaste, strips, kit): Some causes of yellow teeth are hard to solve with only a product from the pantry;  a specific product for such can be of great use. Using whitening toothpaste, strips, or kits is an effective way of whitening the teeth at home and is largely patronized. You may get yourself one of these from over-the-counter or trusted online shops like The Smile Bar. In buying one, just beware of the included hydrogen peroxide solution (3% being the ideal level) as too much of this can cause serious health problems.

In-office treatments:

  • Compared to at-home products, professional whitening procedures usually administer higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. This effectively solves the causes of yellow teeth in a shorter amount of time and a safer manner. To fasten the process, the dentist uses an LED light which is directly placed in front of the teeth covered with whitening gel. 


For safe, fast, and effective in-office treatment, you may book a session with The Smile Bar and secure yourself a bright white smile in only 20 minutes.


How to whiten yellow teeth (final advice)

To conclude, now that we are aware of some of the causes of yellow teeth, it is easier to find a way on how to treat them. As a starter, stay away from stain-producing food and beverages and refrain from doing an unhealthy lifestyle (e.g. smoking and drinking). As the old adage says, prevention is better than cure.


Now, if you want to step your efforts up, there are multiple ways on how to whiten yellow teeth — both at-home and in-office, professionally administered and not, expensive and cheap. Whatever your choice is, just make sure you’ve done your research before applying that particular whitening procedure, especially if it is an at-home remedy. 


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