Teeth Whitening Aftercare Tips

Nothing makes a more lasting impression than that of a confident smile.

This is why a lot of people opt to get teeth whitening, as a way to further enhance their smile and give it that natural yet picture-perfect quality. While teeth whitening procedures can help get you that smile you’ve always wanted, getting the proper aftercare after is just as important. After all, maintenance is a big part of how you keep your bright smile and stay the way it is.

Discover expert tips on how to care for your teeth post-treatment.

Avoid certain foods and drinks

The procedure will cost you money so making the most out of this investment ensures that your results will last for a longer time. Being aware of the food that can cause discoloration can help in avoiding them. A rule of thumb to note is to not intake any food or drink that will stain a white t-shirt within 72 hours of teeth whitening. Should you decide to drink any of these beverages, drinking with a straw will help as it lessens the contact with your teeth.

Some of the food that can lead to teeth discoloration include:

  • Tea and coffee are brews that can stain your teeth instantly
  • Dark-colored sauces such as red pasta sauce, soy sauce, and barbeque sauce
  • Fruit juices and other acidic food that can weaken the enamel
  • Dark chocolate which contains caffeine, an ingredient that causes stains

 But if you really can’t help eating these foods right after your whitening session, Nano Seal Total+ is perfect for you. It is a two minute solution that remineralizes the enamel and seals the whiteness of your teeth allowing you to eat and drink anything you want right after your treatment.

Do proper oral hygiene

While most of these may seem familiar already to us especially being taught as kids, it’s all the more significant to do these after teeth whitening.

  • Brush your teeth at least 2x a day
  • Floss your teeth at least once a day to get rid of plaque build-up
  • Rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash at least once a day to get rid of bacteria and plaque
  • Maybe opt for a Brilliant Smile Boost at least once or twice a week as a form of touch up and prevention for discoloration. Regular toothpaste may be used for the remainder of the days of the week. 
  • Add Brilliant Smile Oral Care to your daily routine, this is the perfect aftercare to maintain your bright smile even at home.

Get touch up treatments

This may depend on what kind of treatment you got for your teeth but depending on your diet and lifestyle, the results are not going to last forever.

Touch up treatments every 6 months or so are a great way to keep your teeth bright and restore back that natural shine to your smile. You may avail single whitening for touch ups, but you better purchase Premium Smile Bundle which includes 12 sessions of whitening services, this can also be shared with one person.

Find your perfect teeth whitening partner with The Smile Bar. We believe a brighter life starts with a whiter smile. Learn more about how we can help you get that naturally whiter smile and book an appointment now!