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24 Jan
Different Lighting Methods for Teeth Whitening
Oftentimes, it is in what we eat or drink that causes our teeth to have discoloration. Good thing there are always teeth whitening processes to combat the discoloration of teeth. There is a long history...
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17 Jan
The Smile Bar 2020 Promos
Here’s one way to celebrate a new decade! Start the new year by enjoying the amazing results of our teeth whitening services with amazing deals and discounts. Avail of our new 2020 promos: Booky...
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08 Jan
Five Self-Care Activities to Try this 2020
NEW YEAR, NEW ME! Cliche as it may sound but this has always been the mantra of many people once the new year comes. Well, why not? If life has been very tiring in 2019 and last year was full of stress,...
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03 Jan
Which Foods to Avoid to Prevent Teeth Staining
Everybody wants to have the best smile.  Needless to say, having bright and white teeth is the perfect goal for this. Whether for personal reasons or to give our normal smile a slight boost, they point...
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20 Dec
Do's and Don'ts After Getting A Teeth Whitening Treatment
Teeth whitening isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it type of thing, it’s a constant process of gentle care and cautionary regulation that will eventually lead to the ultimate goal of whiter teeth. That’s why a...
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13 Dec
Home/ DIY Whitening Treatment vs Salon Whitening
Gone are the days when we’d have to look out for the next magazine issue to view the latest trends updates with our favorite celebrities. With social media, keeping up with our idols and friends, have...
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06 Dec
How to Maintain Your Bright Smile at Home
Getting whiter teeth for that bright smile is one thing. Maintaining it is another story.   Good thing here at The Smile Bar, we have the perfect products to do the job. Brilliant Smile™ Sweden has...
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27 Nov
If You're in this Field of Work, You Need A Teeth Whitening Treatment
Everyone says that a smile is the best accessory one could wear. But do you know what can make it even better? A perfect set of white teeth! After all, when we smile, we expect others to reciprocate. But,...
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20 Nov
Why Should You Have Your Teeth Whitened?
Maybe your teeth has turned yellow overtime. And no, it doesn't mean that you don’t know how to take care of your teeth. There are a lot of factors as to why your teeth has changed its color overtime....
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