Different Smiles and their Meaning Behind

Smiles are social connectors that are difficult to decipher. In many cases, a smile could mean sadness, guilt, greed, hate, joy or anything in between. It is an evolutionary trait we use to identify a friend from foe.

If someone’s smile troubles your sleep, read through, we will help you identify and make you understand the most popular types of smiles.


For strangers that we happen to come across the street, exchanging smiles is a way to show good intentions. A closed-lip type of smile reassures people that you are an upright Samaritan and that you mean no harm. But what’s behind the curtain is shocking. This type of smile shows that the person knows something of importance to you but has no plans of sharing their secret. This is especially particular for people in the Politics or Entertainment industry.


Some people smile to show off superiority or communicate contempt. This smile gives away someone an overpowering feeling which makes them less powerful. A dominant smile appears to be asymmetrical; the lips slightly curled upward and the other side remains in place or downward, while the eyes are beaming with mystery.

It is often mistaken to be a polite smile but it is actually close to being a sneer. A sneering smile might remind you of Draco Malfoy or Loki of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe – the mocking somewhat conceited smiles that oozes aloofness for others. If you happen to bump into someone giving away this smile and bring you creeps, look away.


You can lie with your words but your lips will always speak about-face. Smile patterns determine whether someone is telling the truth or actively trying to deceive others in high-stakes circumstances.

In 2012, a frame-by-frame analysis was conducted on a family mourning on a relative’s death. They were filmed and half of those individuals were later convicted of murder.

Or on a day-to-day basis, if someone has thrown a joke and you seem to not like it, you at least throw a smile. While your lip is trying to curve up, your eyes betray you.


Smiles are traps. Well not really on a negative note because sometimes a smile gives others the feeling of wanted intimacy. A bitten or licked lips are very enticing, mysterious, sexy and inviting.

Sample tips:

– Keep your lips together, wet it out a little and raise your eyebrow.
– Smile while slowing tipping down your head.
– Smile with a tear of melted ice cream or coffee froth on your lips.

If you want to be tied to someone romantically, invite him/her out on a coffee date or an ice cream session, try out these tips and see where these might lead you.


This smile is by far the most popular of all. People say, a smile could change the way we see the world and how the world sees us,  which is purely true.

Filipinos, as we are, we tend to always smile at any circumstance. We fall seven times but we stand up with battle-ready smiles 10 times.

January of 2020 has given us a traumatic welcome — from war threats, natural disasters to viral outbreaks that claimed thousands of lives, but we still managed to see better days and smile through recovery.

The wide and warm radiant grins and the contours around our face are testimonies of how blessed and joyful our heart is and how brave we welcome challenges. Genuine smiles arise in many positive feelings – appreciation, approval, compliment, love, inspiration, support, peace of mind and happiness amidst sorrow.

Filipinos always choose to be happy and that joy we show through our smiles. We could be drowned by our personal battles but because of smiles, we see every day — from families, friends, colleagues and even people we don’t know — life is easier to bear.

Smiling is a gift. If your heart is happy, smile. If your mind is at peace, smile. If your soul is full, smile it out. Don’t be afraid to show people how beautiful you are because it might also change theirs, you just don’t know. Never hide such a lovely gift and if something is holding you back, The Smile Bar is just the right one to help you let out that radiant whitest smiles.

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