Debunking Teeth Whitening Myth

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and in-demand dental procedures. Just like your favorite celebrities, you too can achieve that bright and white smile you’ve been longing for.

Though, with all those whitening products and treatments widely available, finding the one which is effective and safe is widely unknown. To make you feel less worried about it, we’ve listed down five most common teeth whitening myths you should stop believing now.

  1.       Whitening your teeth will damage your enamel

Let’s break the news for you, having those teeth whitening will never damage your tooth enamel. Moreover, teeth whitening kits can help ease the stain making it look white. So next time, when you use teeth whitening kits from a not so looking packaging, think again and you might be putting your teeth at risk. Safe tip: have someone you trust to help you when trying teeth whitening kits.

  1.       There’s forever in Teeth Whitening

They say teeth whitening is a one-time-only procedure, unfortunately, it’s only the start of a few more sessions. After your first treatment, the remnants from sipping red wine, coffee, or tea, and smoking can still stain your whitened teeth. Luckily, it will not revert to its original color unless you’ll stop by through a whitening treatment every few months. Tip: use a straw to prevent the liquids from touching the front surface of your teeth so that it will stay whiter for longer.

  1.       Active Charcoal is the Teeth Whitening Holy Grail Product

It’s very tempting to use the products we see on social media as it is very rampant these days. But it’s better to stick with science because according to studies, there is not enough scientific proof whether or not charcoal is effective. If you’re on a tight budget, you may stick to proven treatments under professional at-home teeth whitening kits or store-bought hydrogen peroxide that is vastly available to everyone who wishes for whitened teeth.

  1.       Teeth Whitening Will Cause Your Teeth to Become Extremely Sensitive

Teeth whitening procedures can cause sensitivities because of using a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. However, if you feel stinging, burning, or irritation in your mouth in any way, discontinue the use right away. And in case of sensitivities, immediately consult your dentist to prevent future problems. But it all comes down to the individual and the products used, so make sure to read the precautions first.

  1.       Teeth Whitening will make them look unnatural

Most of us want some changes in appearance to look as natural as possible. Thus, having teeth whitened will make you more confident. By having a treatment at Smile Bar, you too can achieve a white smile. Using at-home teeth whitening products and kits and teeth whitening procedures helps you achieve the whitest teeth you can get. It is up to you to be persistent and patient to succeed in no time.

With all those 5 myths mentioned about teeth whitening, nothing to worry instead be comfortable in using teeth whitening that is effective and natural. Whitened teeth won’t cause sensitivities and definitely won’t hurt your tooth enamel. Going to treatments and using teeth whitening kits are safe and effective but with proper research and consultation. At the end of the day, it will boost your confidence smiling at everyone. To help you achieve your whitest smile, visit our branches at Ayala Malls, Vertis North or Uptown Parade, BGC, or visit our website at