Introduction to Teeth Whitening Industry

For countless generations, many cultures have regarded white teeth as a sign of affluence and health – even until today. Though compared to now, people then were without safe recourse to any sort of teeth whitening measures but it was exceedingly needed that they risked their lives doing dangerous teeth whitening procedures like that of Ancient Romans applying acidic stones to twigs or blends milk with urine which is totally horrific.

But it isn’t the Paleolithic era anymore, numerous studies have gone past experts’ hands and has eventually become one of the most in demand services globally.

If you ever decide to visit a teeth whitening salon, you must be cautious in choosing a legit salon to address your need. To give you a clearer view of the teeth whitening procedure, here are four steps that professional teeth whitening salons observe.

Orientation and Evaluation

Experts won’t just let you jump into a hot tub without giving you a hint of how hot it is. Before you go into the teeth whitening process, experts must give you an overview of the procedure and evaluate what your teeth need. They will then determine the actual color shade you will need prior to treatment via a shade guide.

It is important that you tell the expert what you want depending on the services they offer while during this stage, the specialists will also advise you the result that you can expect.

But if in any case, the specialists miss to inform you of the process, it is best that you also ask.

Pre-Whitening Procedure

Prior to the actual whitening procedure, experts must have a preparative routine in order to make sure that your teeth are cleaned-up and ready for the whitening treatment.

At The Smile Bar, we ensure that our clients go into a two-step mouth cleaning process. We let them gargle with BrilliantSmile Whitening Mouthrinse and then brush it with BrilliantSmile Toothpaste.

Whitening Session

In this stage, it’s where the magic takes place. Make sure that you are being assisted and propped up comfortably while doing the procedure.

A whitening gel with Hydrogen Peroxide ingredient must be applied to your teeth along with a UV-Free LED Plasma Light to boost its effectiveness.

Here at The Smile Bar, we make sure that we only apply quality-assured and FDA approved gel from our partner brand- BrilliantSmile Sweden. We then guarantee that our guests are accommodated well and let them enjoy a music session or binge over an iFlix movie while the process is underway.


Post-Whitening Results

See the magic for yourself. Find out how many shades lighter your teeth had become after the procedure.

But with continued treatment and avoiding habits like vices, not regularly brushing your teeth and wrong diet will draw up more impressive results.

If some stained teeth bother you, we recommend that you visit a teeth whitening salon that you know of right away. By this, specialists can help you determine what treatment is needed depending on your dental needs. 

After all, these teeth whitening procedures are rather intended to maintain your pearly white teeth. However, the trouble may come in if you carelessly visit whitening salons you haven’t done research about. 


For professional and high quality teeth whitening services, The Smile Bar is just the right one to pick. We use state-of-the-art equipment and patented teeth whitening system developed by Swedish company BrilliantSmile that offers the fastest, safest and most effective teeth whitening system. No need for research, we assure you are in safe hands. Book for an appointment now!