The Importance of Smiling

A smile could be anything – sincere, false, mocking, damped and many other varieties. But one very popular smile that everyone knows is the genuine smile. A sincere smile can bring about countless health and psychological benefits such as positive outlook on things or less-receptive to depression or any mental issues, to name a few.

Aside from the benefits listed above,  below are more things why we need to keep smiling.

Attractive and makes you look younger

People can be easily drawn to a smile. The muscles used to smile lift your face which highlights all other parts of it, especially your eyes. They work together to resonate a positive feeling and make you look younger. So if you are into someone, make him/her notice you by always smiling and letting those pink cheeks pop out.

Changes mood and releases stress

When you are feeling down, think of happy thoughts and smile. Stress or discomfort can easily be seen on someone’s face. Not a lot of people know it but a smile is actually a way to trick your mind to think that you are in a good mood. So the mind releases happy hormones such as serotonin and endorphin making you feel more at ease and comfortable.


A sincere smile lightens up the mood for others. And for some, it makes them really happy. So when you smile a lot, more likely, people will be drawn to do the same or the other way around. If you see someone smiling at you, you can’t help but smile back too, except for the creepy ones of course.

Boosts immune system and lowers blood pressure

Who would think that a smile could actually be a way to fight Covid-19? According to studies, a smile offers a relaxed feeling allowing your immune system to improve its functionality and lower your blood pressure.

Makes a person look successful

People who always smile creates a connection to others and makes them look more confident. This, in return, can make other people feel that they are approachable and easy to work with. That’s why people who are always smiling end up getting hired or promoted. Try to always smile during appointments and meetings and see how it will go.

In entirety, a smile creates a good impression to others that you are happy and positive. So if you are trying to make new friends or wanting to set a good impression on a job interview, one best asset you can use is a sincere smile.

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