Black Tooth: Roots, Prevention, and Cure

July 13, 2021
Black Tooth: Roots, Prevention, and Cure

It has become relatively easy nowadays to treat most tooth discoloration cases. After all, there is a wide array of options you can choose from that are proven to be effective. However, not all of these products or services can serve their purpose especially if we’re talking about the black tooth

This particular oral condition has its special seat at the top of the most-dentist-attended-case list for it is harder to treat. Tooth whitening toothpaste, for example, gives less to no positive effects if used against black on teeth. That is why experts recommend getting their teeth checked once they’ve seen signs or symptoms of a black tooth to aid them appropriately.

Now, maybe you’re wondering what these ‘symptoms’ are and what you should do about it. Then you’re in for a treat as we’ve rounded up some of the most important points you should know about the black tooth.

Black tooth is a condition that needs professional attention

Black tooth is a condition that needs professional attention

A brief introduction on what causes black on teeth

If you’re worried about that black on your teeth, that’s fine because you’re not alone. In fact, it may be a serious case that needs professional attention as soon as possible, stated by a health writer.

There are two main causes of black tooth: the extrinsic and intrinsic ones. 

Extrinsic sources include stains, tartar buildup, damage to the enamel, consumption of dark-staining food and beverages (e.g. coffee), medication, smoking, to name a few.  Meanwhile, intrinsic forms that cause black on teeth involves dead tooth, pulp infection, or any possible culprits that damage the inside of your teeth.

Such discoloration does not typically happen overnight. Usually, it forms over time; from grey or brown to black. With this said, you can see first the symptoms or signs before fully anticipating that black on teeth. Within the formation interval, you may already proceed on ways to whiten the teeth of this case (which we will be discussing in the next sections).

Meanwhile, another common origin of the black tooth is when it dies. Once it does so, the blood supply, which gives the tooth its healthy color, will eventually stop. This will cut the supply of nutrients which will then darken your teeth. This case especially requires intervention from a specialist as the affected tooth would gradually decompose.

Another thing you should consider on why there might be black on your teeth is that you might have poor oral hygiene. If you don’t brush regularly, the teeth-staining food and beverages you have consumed would pile up on your teeth and increase your chances of having one.

Certain food and drinks produce black on teeth

Certain food and drinks produce black on teeth

Popular ways to whiten teeth from black discoloration

If you are already trying an at-home method to whiten your dark teeth, then this may come off as bad news for you: such a procedure is not usually possible. Experts recommend people with black on teeth to ask for professional help — the best way to whiten teeth.

There are also two main possible courses to treat black tooth: internal tooth bleaching or placing a veneer on your tooth.

The first method is somewhat similar to whitening toothpaste in that its purpose is to whiten the teeth. But unlike the toothpaste that brightens teeth on the outside, internal tooth bleaching whitens them from the inside (that’s crazy, right?!). Before proceeding to this procedure, the patient undergoes root canal treatment to prepare the tooth. From there, a whitening paste is applied which does all the remaining important brightening work. 

This way to whiten teeth does not require a bleaching agent to penetrate through the surface of your teeth. Instead, it directly tackles the problem.

Another known treatment is the placing of veneer or crown on teeth. This typically requires the removal of the black tooth’s surface which will be replaced by a new, bright one. It is a treatment filled with pain so be sure to agree on taking anesthesia. An irreversible procedure, this way to whiten teeth requires delicate supervision not only on replacing the teeth but also making sure that the shades are of the same or at least close.

Some experts, meanwhile. suggest doing both — going under internal tooth bleaching before veneer placement. One reason for such a recommendation is so that the latter procedure matches with a whiter set of teeth.

Internal tooth bleaching is a known way to whiten teeth

Internal tooth bleaching is a known way to whiten teeth

Another effective teeth whitening treatment for dark ones

While the two ways to whiten teeth mentioned above are commonly used, there are other effective teeth whitening treatments you should be aware of. Some of which are common sense but still worth mentioning for all of us to remember.

  1. Try to prevent engaging in dark-staining activities. This includes refraining from consuming food and drinks that darken the surface of your teeth like coffee, black tea, red wines, and cola.
  2. Avoid eating cavity-causing foods or, it cannot be fully avoided, at least take a moderate amount only. This is an indirect effective teeth whitening procedure as you prevent the main cause of black tooth from occurring. Food that cause cavities include acidic, sugary, chewy, starchy, and drying food.
  3. Refrain or lessen your/ from tobacco use.
  4. Brush regularly with fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride helps with reducing the formation of cavities or tooth decay for both baby and permanent teeth. You can also partner this procedure with effective whitening toothpaste such as that of from trusted online store, The Smile Bar. With this, you are more than sure that you’re getting that effective teeth whitening treatment.
  5. Floss between the teeth at least once a day. This aids in removing the plaque between your teeth that the bristles of your brush haven’t been able to wash off.
  6. Lastly. do visit your dentist regularly. Have your oral health professionally checked so that you would be able to safely and effectively treat or avoid black tooth. You may also ask for more tips or methods on such matters without taking the risk of doing it by yourself at home.
Brilliant smile toothpaste HiWhite range

Brilliant smile toothpaste HiWhite range

Why having black tooth should not be ignored

Though small it may seem in contrast to the whole body, the blackening of teeth can be a serious matter. A group of dentists said that this may even lead to infection if left untreated. 

One common reason of black tooth is due to a stop in blood supply that leads to a cut in nutrients. This insufficiency causes the tissue inside to gradually deteriorate in status — aka dead tissue. If left by itself, this tissue may be attacked by other bacteria and cause infection. Take note that it may not only be limited to infection in the affected area but also your nerves, bones, blood vessels, and brain.

It’s almost always better to be wary of your oral health especially if you show signs. Do effective teeth whitening treatments even if your teeth show otherwise so that you can spare yourself from the long-term adverse effect of the condition.

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