How to use teeth whitening pen?

Everyone wants a bright white smile, but not all are gifted with one. Luckily, there are several varieties of methods and treatments we can use to lighten our teeth’ color, both at-home and in-office remedies today. Teeth whitening pen is just one of them.

Also known as brush-on whiteners, this pen specializes in tooth whitening in the most convenient way. Unlike the tray-based and strip-based products, it is easier to apply which literally feels like coloring the surface of your teeth with a pencil.

Available teeth whitening in the Philippines has indeed made significant developments. Products such as these teeth whitening pens have stepped oral care systems up. They even have a way on how to whiten teeth like photoshop.

Read on and find out how to effectively and conveniently achieve brighter teeth using pen whiteners.

A white smile after teeth whitening pen treatment

A white smile after teeth whitening pen treatment

How to whiten teeth like it’s photoshopped?

Using a brush-on whitener is like using the smart brush tool of Adobe Photoshop. When they touch a specific surface, its color magically adjusts. But obviously, the difference between the two is where they are applied.

Teeth whitening pens’ delivery system basically runs like painting the surface of the teeth (enamel), not with white paint but with bleaching gel (the process is further explained in another section). After applying it, it solidifies into a film-like texture which will be washed off eventually. This is how to whiten teeth like photoshop.

The gel used in the process contains either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Both of these can be seen in other products of teeth whitening in the Philippines. Typically these peroxide-based products are in lower concentration (6% – 9%) compared to what is used in in-office operations. It is maintained this way to avoid serious problems like severe gum irritation.

If you are wondering where the gel comes off, it is exactly what you are imagining — straight from the tip of the pen body case. Commonly, this case comes in the shape of thin plastic tubes which are purposefully designed to be portable or on the go.

At this point, how to whiten teeth like it’s photoshopped using teeth whitening pens might already have amazed you. But hold your expectations as it will only get better from this (at least, for the majority of the points).

First, they are inexpensive. For as low as 99 pesos, you can get yourself an easy-to-apply whitening tool. Second, in contrast with tray- and strip-based whiteners, the pens are with little or no additional equipment. Lastly, you can spread the gel more evenly using this brush-on on a few or selected teeth.

Brush-on whiteners are like tools on how to whiten teeth using photoshop

Brush-on whiteners are like tools on how to whiten teeth using photoshop

The case of brush-on teeth whitening in the Philippines

As previously mentioned, pen whiteners are not all benefits and such; available cheap teeth whitening products in the Philippines have their drawdowns as well. Direct application products like these pens are met with criticisms like insufficient protection from other elements that may negatively affect oral health and achieve minimal visible outcomes.

You see, during its application process some gel or film might wear off on its own. It may be due to excessive saliva or the surface is not dry enough. Because of the reduced amount of gel, little or no changes could be seen. 

Even if teeth whitening pens look cool as tools on how to whiten teeth like photoshop, they would not be as good if they fail to do their purpose — to make teeth appear brighter. Right?

Now, a question might arise as to whether you should exchange your over-the-counter whiteners or other products on teeth whitening in the Philippines completely with brush-on. To briefly answer that question, no.

Unlike the other bleachers like whitening toothpaste, some pen whiteners do not have anti-decay compounds. Without these, the teeth are highly likely to be prone to tooth decay and other oral diseases. 

You should also keep an eye on peroxide-based whitening pens with high concentration. Exposure to too much hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide leads to serious side effects like inflammation of teeth roots and gums.

That’s why it is highly suggested to ask for professional advice before using pen whiteners to avoid such complications.


How to whiten yellow teeth using brush-on whiteners?

Some OTC products of teeth whitening in the Philippines are better than using pen whiteners.

Some OTC products of teeth whitening in the Philippines are better than using pen whiteners.

Now that we learned what pen whiteners are and their limitations, let’s proceed in discussing how to whiten yellow teeth using them. 

Among all tooth color discolorations,do you ever wonder why “why is my teeth yellow? “ tthe most popular question needing a resolution? It is because past experiences have shown whitening products are most effective to yellow-stained teeth and least to (almost none) to dark-colored teeth.

Getting back to the point, let’s discuss the application of a teeth whitening pen.

  1. First, make sure you brush your teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush before proceeding to the application. 
  2. Remove the cap of the pen whitener and gently twist its bottom until you see a gel slightly oozing out at the tip. This gel contains a peroxide compound and is the main contributing factor on how to whiten yellow teeth using brush-on.
  3. Next, apply a fair amount of thin layer on the surface of your teeth. Put it particularly to areas with heavy stains before leaving it for around 20 to  30 minutes. Tip: Some products’ whitening agents adhere better to teeth when the surface area is relatively dry. Try wiping your teeth with a paper towel or dry washcloth before applying the gel (Note: don’t place it near gums).
  4. While you may see or feel a fair amount of gel wearing off during the process, it might still be necessary to rinse it off. Remove the remaining film afterward by tooth brushing.

For better results of the process on how to whiten yellow teeth using pen whiteners, read the instructions carefully. These are just the general directions; their usage may vary. Some products may even require two applications every day.


So, are teeth whitening pens worth the try?

It depends. Pen whiteners are a good choice for those who want to easily have brighter teeth. But it’s not always guaranteed to be effective and safe.

Although, the results may vary from case to case particularly to its effectiveness. This

Certain procedures must be followed on how to whiten yellow teeth using pen whiteners

Certain procedures must be followed on how to whiten yellow teeth using pen whiteners

brush on relying mainly on the manner of treatment one perceives as the best way on how to whiten yellow teeth  If not used as directed, little or no outcome could be seen. That is why it is always better to seek advice from professionals. Do you really need it? If so, what brand? How often? Any other precautions to watch out for? Stop, and head to who you can trust. Visit The Smile Bar and get those visible results. At The Smile Bar, the dedicated team of specialists will take good care of you.  No need to think too much of the step-by-step whitening process. Secure yourself a bright white smile that guarantees results. Go for the safest, fastest, and most effective way with The Smile Bar.