How to use teeth whitening pen?

Teeth Whitening Pens have stepped oral care systems up. The product introduces slow-acting bleaching agents that can safely stay on the teeth for long periods of time. They’re practical and safe because of the ingredients they have.

This article discusses teeth whitening pens, how to use one, the pros and cons, and if they’re the best option available. Learn more about these easily accessible products and how they can ( or can not) give you the whiter, brighter smile you’ve always wanted.

What Is A Teeth Whitening Pen?

A tooth whitening pen is an at-home tooth whitening product that makes it possible for you to achieve whiter teeth from the comforts of your home. They use lower doses of common whitening agents, typically carbamide peroxide, to improve your smile. 

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Carbamide peroxide is a combination of both urea and hydrogen peroxide. It whitens the teeth slower than hydrogen peroxide alone but this actually prevents tooth sensitivity and the possibility of enamel deterioration. 

In short, carbamide peroxide is a much safer formula that is often the main whitening agent in these pens. Of course, you should always read the ingredients of a whitening product to verify the bleaching agent in action. Some are more harmful than the manufacturers would like you to believe. 

4 Steps To Using A Tooth Whitening Pen

Applying a teeth whitening pen can easily be done in 4 simple steps:

  1. First, make sure you brush your teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush before proceeding to the application. 
  2. Remove the cap of the pen and gently twist the bottom until you see the gel escape.
  3. Next, apply a fair amount of thin layer on the surface of your teeth. Put it particularly in areas with heavy stains before leaving it for around 20 to  30 minutes. As an added tip: some whitening agents are more effective when the teeth are dry. Wipe your teeth with a dry towel before applying the gel.
  4. After the time expires, rinse off any excess gel by brushing your teeth. Leaving it on may damage the enamel. 

Do Whitening Pens Damage Teeth?

Like all whitening products, it’s important to keep an eye on the percentage of bleaching agents present in the product. Scott Cayouette, a South Carolina-based dentist, previously told Health magazine that he “recommends products that contain between 10% and 12% hydrogen peroxide”. Because carbamide-peroxide is less damaging, a product can contain about 35% of this ingredient to fall within the recommendation. 

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Overall, whitening pens do have the possibility of damaging teeth. If done in excess, they may leave your teeth sensitive and more prone to staining. 

Fortunately for you, teeth whitening pens are generally safe to use. Carbamide Peroxide is a safe ingredient with minimal negative side effects as we discussed before. Your teeth are capable of withstanding greater concentrations of this ingredient without feeling sensitivity or gum irritation than hydrogen peroxide or other forms of bleaching agents. 

Can I Use A Whitening Pen Every Day?

Because whitening pens contain less harmful ingredients in comparison to other teeth whitening products, a whitening pen may be used up to twice a day. However, because using a product too often will only serve to hurt your teeth, we recommend refraining from using a teeth whitening pen for longer than 14 days consecutively. 

Are Teeth Whitening Pens Worth It?

At the end of the day, we ask ourselves: are teeth whitening pens worth the try? 

The short and quick reply to it is yes, they are – but there are so many better options out there that are more effective despite being more expensive. It’s all about what matters to you. If you’re looking for a quick and easy option that may or may not work, then go ahead and try teeth whitening pens. 

Just know that there are better options out there that whiten your teeth without any other side effects. Simply improving your oral hygiene is an easier and more cost-effective way to whiten teeth. 

You may look at soft- or medium-bristled toothbrushes and whitening toothpaste from BrilliantSmile to get a better sense of how you can improve your oral hygiene from home. 

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