white spots on teeth? The way to Remove it!

May 31, 2021
White spots on teeth could make your teeth’s appearance less attractive

White spots on teeth could make your teeth’s appearance less attractive

For many people, having a shiny, whiter set of teeth is not just attractive but also a great indication of good oral health. These are some of the reasons why people undergo teeth whitening with their dentist as well as observe their oral hygiene properly by brushing their teeth, checking up with their dentist regularly, and even using effective teeth whitening methods and products. In addition, yellowish teeth are considered unattractive and unhygienic while having even just one black tooth is already an indication of tooth decay and other oral health problems. 

But white spots on teeth could form occasionally, and some people find this troubling and undesirable. These lesions have many causes but fluorosis is one of the main reasons for this type of discoloration. This article will explain the causes of fluorosis and discuss if there are ways to completely remove or reduce these white spots. 


Black Tooth and White Spots on Teeth

Severe fluorosis could cause you to look like you have a black tooth

Severe fluorosis could cause you to look like you have a black tooth

Certain disorders often cause the paper-colored, white stains that you would see on some people’s teeth. Some of the main causes of white spot lesions on teeth include poor oral hygiene, having a highly acidic but low calcium diet, and enamel hypoplasia, which occurs when the teeth have less enamel than what is considered normal. These white stains could also appear even after teeth whitening treatments although this is not very common. Overall, the most popular culprit for the white spots on teeth that you would see on some people is fluorosis, or having excessive fluoride in the body. But how does taking excessive amounts of fluoride cause white spot lesions on the teeth? After all, fluoride helps strengthen the teeth’s enamel, which prevents it from cavities, tooth decay, and having a black tooth in your mouth?

Fluoride, as previously mentioned, provides a lot of benefits for the teeth. When used in proper amounts, fluoride can remineralize teeth enamel that have been weakened by several factors such as diet. It could also prevent teeth from losing too many minerals, reverse signs of tooth decay, and even kill harmful bacteria in the mouth that contribute to things like having a black tooth and bad breath. But using too much fluoride is just as bad as using too little, as excessive amounts of this mineral could cause tooth decay, pitted enamels, and teeth discoloration. Discoloration of teeth is a common symptom of fluorosis, regardless of the severeness of the disorder. But white spots on teeth are not always equivalent to fluorosis, as other oral disorders could cause these spots to occur. Furthermore, more severe forms of fluorosis manifest darker, bigger stains on a person’s teeth, which makes the person look as if he or she has a black tooth


Effective Teeth Whitening Method For Removing White Spots

Some effective teeth whitening methods could lessen the impact of white spots on teeth

Some effective teeth whitening methods could lessen the impact of white spots on teeth

The white spots on teeth caused by fluorosis are common among children and teenagers because they are at most risk of overexposure to fluoride. In turn, inappropriate or excessive use of dental products containing fluoride such as toothpaste and mouthwash as well as taking too many fluoride supplements are the main causes of overexposure to fluoride. Hence, as much as we would like to prevent our children from experiencing cavities and having even a single black tooth in their lives, it is best not to overdo basic oral hygiene such as brushing teeth and using mouthwash. For many dental professionals, fluorosis (especially mild ones) is more of a cosmetic problem than an actual oral issue, since it is very difficult to treat and it could cause distress and worry among those who have it. 

For children and teenagers, preventing them from being exposed to excessive amounts of fluoride is the most foolproof way to ensure that they will not get fluorosis in the future. While using fluoride is still the most effective teeth whitening method out there, it is best to use a pea-sized amount when using a toothbrush and following instructions properly when using dental products with fluoride. Another thing to consider is the amount of fluoride in your water, especially if you get it from a public source. If you and your dentist or doctor are able to determine the amount of fluoride in your water, you may then be able to determine if you and your child still need to use a fluoride supplement. 

Currently, there is still no effective teeth whitening method available that could completely cure fluorosis. Even if you try to undergo teeth whitening with your dentist, the best thing they could only do is to make the white spots on teeth less obvious. 


Does Teeth Whitening At Dentist Work?

Teeth whitening at dentist could lessen the impact of fluorosis depending on how severe it is

Teeth whitening at dentist could lessen the impact of fluorosis depending on how severe it is

Since teeth whitening at the dentist and other methods such as laser teeth whitening cannot completely cure fluorosis, should you just give up on it and do nothing? The answer is no. While there is still no effective teeth whitening method that could completely remove those white lesions caused by fluorosis, doing something about them is still better than doing nothing at all. This is especially if you only have a mild case of fluorosis, which could be treated using different techniques. Aside from monitoring the amount of fluoride that you and your family consume, there are other effective teeth whitening ways that you can try to minimize the effects of fluorosis, and these all include undergoing various methods of teeth whitening with your dentist.


One way to remove white spots caused by fluorosis is enamel microabrasion, which is done by removing a small amount of enamel in the teeth so that the white spots would look less obvious. Professional teeth whitening at the dentist, as mentioned previously, could help minimize the cosmetic effects of fluorosis better than using over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Another way to make white spot lesions on the teeth less evident is using dental veneers, which are protective coverings that are thin but good at hiding white spots on teeth and other stains, but you could only get them from the dentist and they are expensive compared to other effective teeth whitening methods used to conceal white spots because of fluorosis. You could also check with The Smile Bar’s Facebook page to know more about their safe, effective, and painless procedure that could help reduce the white spot lesions on your teeth and also to know more about the products that they offer that would make your teeth whiter. 


Fluorosis creates the white spots on teeth that this condition is widely known for, and it could be annoying and look unattractive for some people even in mild cases. In more severe cases, patients experience bigger, darker stains which makes him or her look like he or she has a black tooth. These are the reasons why people strive to find and try various effective teeth whitening methods to remove the stains caused by fluorosis, and this includes bleaching or teeth whitening at their dentist

If you are worried about the white stains on your teeth because of fluorosis and you want to try a safe, effective, and painless way to remove them, you may book an in-office whitening session with The Smile Bar by going to this link. This session usually lasts for only about 20 minutes and you will immediately see results after one visit.

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