White light teeth whitening; Do you know?

 White light teeth whitening; Do you know? Desiring a set of pearly white teeth isn’t bad. After all, having these can both boost confidence and improve oral health. So most of us tend to purchase and use one of the available whiteners in the market. 

At the top of the list and are ultimately favored, we can see do-it-yourself or DIY teeth whitening products and in-office treatments. These two comprise a large chunk of the whole whitening industry’s net worth pie. It cannot be denied how successful and effective these products are given their significant developments over time. For one, most in-office treatments operating today use a white light teeth whitening system that permits the faster and safer process. 

But in this article, we’re not going to talk about the growing industry of teeth whiteners. Instead, we will be discussing the pros and cons of using at-home whitening products and in-office operations. 


A dentist using white light teeth whitening system

A dentist using white light teeth whitening system

Are D-I-Y teeth whitening products safe to use?

A wide range of teeth whitening products can be scrolled through Google. And most of these fall under the DIY teeth whitening category. This category simply means you will have to do the whitening procedure on your own. Such products can be bought from over-the-counter while some are dentist-dispensed. They come in different sizes and types of applications depending on their form (pens, strips, toothpaste, or kits [learn more about kits in the next section]).

Despite their differences in appearance, these DIY teeth whitening products have a few popular similarities. First, they are inexpensive, as compared to in-office treatments. Usually, their price may range from as low as 90 pesos up to more than 5000 pesos. You may get a full set of teeth whitening kits, for example, for 800 pesos which is already good for three months of use. Beware of the cheap ones as they might lead to complications after the procedure.

Second, most of the products for DIY teeth whitening are convenient, especially on-the-go pen whiteners. There’s no need for equipment-intensive operations or procedures for they are commonly designed for easy and manual application. The drawback of easier use, however, is that it might take time for the results to show. In most cases, a set of brighter teeth is achieved after a few weeks or months of using at-home products. 

Lastly, they are safe as long as you follow the indicated procedure. DIY teeth whitening solutions contain hydrogen peroxide which mainly does the whitening work. Products with this substance require proper handling during the process like not letting it have contact with gums or swallowing it, among others.

A woman applying a DIY teeth whitening strip

A woman applying a DIY teeth whitening strip

Pros & Cons of at-home products like teeth whitening kits

Teeth whitening kits are one of the leading over-the-counter whiteners you can easily access today. Normally, it comes with upper and lower trays, a whitening gel agent, LED light, and a pen. Using this kit feels like doing an in-office treatment, but without a specialist’s help. The trays are custom-made to fit exactly your teeth to make it almost effortless in letting the whitening solution have contact with the enamel. 

Similar to in-office operations and other DIY products, teeth whitening kits use hydrogen peroxide (or carbamide peroxide). But what makes them unique is the use of an LED light which is sort of similar to the white light teeth whitening of the professionals. Supposedly, this accessory should fasten the process of whitening by simply putting it at the front of the surface of the teeth.

Nonetheless, its effect is not that much of a high grade compared to that of what is used by professionals. Due to the lower amount of light emitted — considering it is pocket-sized — the gel applied is hardly activated. Hence, teeth whitening kits might take you more than one use before seeing positive results — seemingly bad news when you can have that white smile with only one session.

As previously mentioned, teeth whitening done at home can also be dangerous when not used as directed. Some users have experienced discomforts like gum irritation and other side effects which sometimes even lead to death. Ingestion of hydrogen peroxide with high concentration is the primary cause of the latter case. 

Applying gel to the upper tray from a teeth whitening kit

Applying gel to the upper tray from a teeth whitening kit

Get rid of stained teeth other than teeth whitening at home

While certain products for teeth whitening at home indeed deliver to their promises, you should not make the mistake of doing the following acts: 

  • Don’t always go for the cheaper ones because most of the times these are the whiteners with lesser bleaching effects;
  • Also, do yourself a favor by carefully reading the instructions before getting into the procedure. Avoid the mistakes in the application mentioned above, and lastly,
  • Don’t expect immediate results. It might take a week or two before your product for teeth whitening at home makes visible outcomes. This is due to the reason that at-home whiteners have a lower concentration of the tooth-lightening agent in contrast to in-office operations.

Keep in mind: always put your safety first among others. Treatments such as these are not without risk, especially if done at home and alone. That is why we highly recommend seeking advice from professionals to know what is the most appropriate whitening treatment or products for you. 

Other than using products for teeth whitening at home, you can bet for in-office sessions. Aside from their guaranteed whitening effect, the procedure typically only takes less than 30 minutes. Your teeth whitening partner, The Smile Bar, can deliver quicker than that due to its unique white light teeth whitening system. With its UV-free LED Plasma Light technology developed by a Swedish company, a whiter smile is not only guaranteed in the safest, hassle-free, and most effective way but also within only 20 minutes! 

The light technology works similarly to that of teeth whitening kits. It activates the whitening gel and speeds up the process which leads to better results. Although the Plasma Light emits stronger light in comparison to pocket-sized LEDs, it is still safe since it is free of ultraviolet rays.


Treatment with white light teeth whitening system

Although teeth whitening at home may seem convenient and cost-effective, we don’t recommend it to our readers all the time. Why? Because aside from the attached risk in using it, positive results don’t always necessarily follow. So your money and effort may just go to waste. 

Hence, we encourage booking for whitening sessions administered by trained professionals, especially to those that use white light teeth whitening systems. Not only does this accessory fasten the treatment process but also it makes the whitening agent more effective. Just like what is used in The Smile Bar, these light-emitting diodes speed the procedure so that more organic stains would be removed. As a result, your teeth may get 2-9 shades lighter!