Do’s and Don’ts After Getting A Teeth Whitening Treatment

There’s no doubt that millennials are paving the way for many aesthetic procedures and products for self-improvement. This includes the rising demand for teeth whitening treatments.

If you’re considering undergoing any teeth whitening procedure, you should not only look for the best provider but most importantly, you should observe proper after-care to maximize results.

As one of the most trusted teeth whitening salon in the Philippines, not only does The Smile Bar offer various packages to give you a brighter smile, but we also guide you in the right after-care recommendations to ensure that you get the most from your treatment.

Here, we’ll walk you through some of the do’s and don’ts after a teeth whitening session:


A direct whitening session will diminish calcium in your teeth, creating microscopic pores on your teeth’s surface. This will make your teeth vulnerable to discoloration for about 72 hours after the session. With this, it is still essential to avoid the following within the first 3 days after your teeth whitening treatment:

  • Dark-colored drinks (coffee, red wine, tea, soda)
  • Heavily pigmented foods (chocolates, red meat)
  • Acidic foods (vinegar, citrus, soy, tomatoes, chili sauce)
  • Smoking


While your body will naturally replenish lost calcium after-treatment, it is also advisable to do a fluoride rinse twice a day post-treatment.

Additionally, it is highly recommended to get The Smile Bar’s NanoSeal Total+. An add-on to The Smile Bar’s whitening procedure, this liquid solution is applied on your teeth immediately after the whitening procedure to reinforce the enamel and seal the whiteness of your teeth, making your teeth whitening treatment easier, and more efficient.

Keeping in mind these do’s and don’ts after your teeth whitening treatment are a must to achieve optimum results from your teeth whitening procedure. To know more about teeth whitening, its benefits and available options for your specific needs – visit our website at