8 Factors Affecting Teeth Whitening Results

You might manage to hide the stains on your clothes, but it’s almost impossible to conceal discolored teeth. This is why you can’t blame people for going the extra mile to whiten their teeth – from over-the-counter purchases to dental clinic bleaching processes. 

Yes, the idea of teeth whitening might be too enticing but before you go through any procedure, you need to understand that results may vary due to certain considerations. 

Here are the common factors, some are natural and others are based on habits, that impact the success of teeth whitening. 


8 Factors that Affect the Success of Teeth Whitening Procedures


1. The Natural Color of Teeth

The original shade of your teeth significantly affects the results of teeth whitening treatments. Note that normal teeth are slightly yellow since the bluish-white layer called enamel has a translucent property, revealing the yellow-tinted substance underneath known as dentin. This is why people with teeth in yellowish hue respond to teeth whitening procedures better. 

On the other hand, patients with gray, brown or purple teeth might relatively be harder to bleach and thus, will require several more treatments to improve the shade. 

2. Food Consumption

While teeth are naturally slightly yellow in color, much darker shades already indicate staining of the teeth. The degree of discoloration becomes worse when you consume pigmented food and drinks, such as tea, energy drinks, red wine, berries, sugar-rich food, and many others. It might already be understandable that excessive darkening of the teeth results in more extensive bleaching. Especially if you’ve just undergone in-office bleaching, avoid consuming these at least 72 hours following the procedure. Otherwise, results might not be visible at all as your teeth have been immediately covered by the stain. 

3. Lifestyle 

Smoking and consumption of tobacco products lead to tooth discoloration as well. Nicotine and tar products are absorbed by the tiny pores in your teeth, which usually cause brown patches that might be harder to bleach than yellow ones. 

4. Poor Oral Hygiene

No matter how effective the whitening treatments are, if you fail to sustain proper oral hygiene, you’d still end up darkening your pearly whites. It is of paramount importance that you brush your teeth regularly and drink water after every meal to rinse your mouth. It is best that you never neglect the recommendations from your dentist. 

5. Age 

It is not prescribed for children under 16 years old to undergo teeth whitening procedures since unlike that of adults, their teeth have not completely grown and developed. Whitening the teeth of children may cause uneven shades when their teeth are finally all in place. 

6. Teeth Surface

Bleaching procedures are particularly more effective on natural teeth than on veneers, crowns, bridges, porcelain or bonding. Having thinner tooth surfaces is also an advantage, as it will be easier for the gel to penetrate. 

7. Concentration and Type of Whitening Agent

There is a vast array of methods and ingredients in teeth whitening treatments. But hydrogen peroxide might be the most commonly used active ingredient among others. Dental offices are known to apply greater amounts of peroxide than home teeth whitening kits. However, the higher concentration level does not necessarily equate to improved results. The reason why in-office procedures are more reliable than home remedies is that professionals know exactly how much peroxide is needed for application given your oral health. Moreover, they utilize advanced technology, like laser and LED light, that speed up the bleaching process. 

8. Duration of Teeth Whitening Treatment 

While some clinics guarantee results in just one visit, there are also others that require a series of procedures for your teeth. Home remedies normally take up days or weeks of treatment.

The process of whitening your teeth does not simply end in bleaching procedures. You need to engage in healthy practices and good oral hygiene to experience the best results. And since teeth procedures like this one needs delicate attention, it is always recommended to undergo office-based treatments. 


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