5 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Manila

January 25, 2023

An outdoor wedding in Manila is truly an intimate, romantic, and unforgettable affair. Whether you choose a beach, a garden, a rooftop, or your own backyard as your venue for your big day, your wedding will surely be magical.  

By Jeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash

Aside from the unique vibe and ambiance inherent to an outdoor wedding in Manila, there are also many practical benefits that come with outdoor weddings. For example, you can get more space for a cheaper price as compared to a hotel ballroom. 

You also have the benefit of natural lighting. This will ensure that your photos of this once-in-a-lifetime experience are beautiful. To best take advantage of natural lighting, make sure your smile is picture-perfect through teeth whitening! Before the wedding, invest in teeth whitening products or visit The Smile Bar, a teeth whitening salon that offers the fastest, most effective, and safest teeth whitening system in the Philippines.

Outdoor weddings can be wonderful, however, there are some things that you should know in order to have the perfect outdoor wedding in Manila. Listed below are 5 tips that are sure to make your special day outdoors a successful and stress-free event! 

1. Have a plan in place for all types of weather

No matter how much preparation you do for your outdoor wedding, the weather is simply something that is beyond your control. However, that doesn’t mean that you are completely at its mercy! Plan ahead for all types of weather conditions and check the weather forecast regularly so you have a better idea of what you’ll be dealing with on your special day. 

 Hot and Sunny Days

More often than not, outdoor weddings in Manila are held on hot and sunny days. It is best to set up a tent to keep you and your guests shaded from the direct heat of the sun. In case of a lack of a natural breeze, you should also set up electric fans and air coolers to properly ventilate the space. You can even provide your wedding guests with fans that double as wedding mementos!

By Tabitha Turner on Unsplash

Rainy Days

If it rains, don’t panic! Rain is actually seen as a good luck sign that symbolizes fertility and renewal. Also, there are many ways to prepare for a rainy outdoor wedding in Manila. Aside from having a tent, you can also give out umbrellas and ponchos that match the aesthetic of your wedding. Rain-proofing your hair and makeup and having rain boots at the ready is another tip to take note of. Rain won’t ruin your outdoor wedding. In fact, it is an opportune chance for a unique photoshoot that will showcase your picture-perfect smile!

By Alexa Soh on Unsplash

2. Use nature to your advantage

The beauty of nature cannot be replicated in an indoor wedding and so, it is one of the major reasons why a couple would choose to hold their wedding outdoors in the first place. Choose decor that doesn’t overwhelm the existing scenery and instead, complements it. For example, you can hang chandeliers or simple lights in the trees that surround the area. You can also set up a wedding arch that features the natural flora found in your venue.

However, nature has its downsides. An outdoor wedding in Manila might see some uninvited guests – bugs! To keep bugs away, ready anti-insect spray for you and your guests and subtly place anti-insect devices around your venue.

By Ben Rossett on Unsplash

3.  Make sure essential facilities are easily accessible

There are some essential facilities that should be easily accessible to you and your guests. Either have these facilities in a building close by or set them up yourself. 

Thinking about bathrooms definitely doesn’t bring up the romantic and elegant thoughts associated with weddings, but having a bathroom nearby is an absolute necessity for any event. If none are available, there are thankfully bathroom rentals that are perfect for an outdoor wedding in Manila.

By Or-El Ankori on Unsplash

Aside from bathrooms, another essential facility is a clinic – especially in case of emergencies, like if someone faints from the heat, or in case of accidents, like if someone slips due to the rain. Also, take note of any walking your guests have to do. Make sure walkways are accessible to the elderly or the handicapped or consider setting up a shuttle service for all guests, so nobody has to break a sweat on the way to their seats. 

4. Avoid noisy environments

Don’t let your big day be ruined by the noise of traffic or construction. When picking an outdoor wedding venue, make sure to visit each location during the time and day you want to hold your wedding. This way, you can best approximate the natural sounds of your surroundings. The sound of crashing waves or the tranquil stillness of the forest makes for good background noise, but the hustle and bustle of Manila may not.

Even without any competing noise, having an outdoor wedding means good acoustics may not be guaranteed. Set up a good sound system so your guests at the very back of the venue can still clearly hear you and your spouse-to-be exchange your vows. 

By Junior REIS on Unsplash

5. Match your menu with your venue

Plan your wedding menu with your venue in mind. There are some food items that are harder to serve at an outdoor wedding than others. For example, if you want to serve raw shellfish, it should be kept on ice at all times, which may be difficult to do during a hot and sunny day in Manila. Buttercream, which is a common ingredient in wedding cakes, is another ingredient that is susceptible to heat. If you don’t want a gooey and runny wedding cake, go with smooth fondant instead. 

Aside from this, make sure that your caterers have adequate space and resources to keep your food hot and your drinks cold! 

By Edoardo Cuoghi on Unsplash

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