Quiz: What Your Smile Says About Your Personality

There goes a popular notion that the smile is the best thing someone could wear. True to its claims, it is certainly something that completes your identity. In fact, your smile goes beyond simply making a signature look. It extends even deeper by uncovering the type of personality that you have. 

Whether you have a bright, shy, playful or cold smile, this quiz will help you figure out what your smile says about your personality! Simply answer the questions below to find out. 

Disclaimer: While the results are partly paralleled to the science of psychology, this test does  not claim to be precisely based on scientific findings. This is meant to deliver fun so don’t forget to enjoy the quiz as you go along!


1. One word that best describes your smile:

2. How often do you smile?

3. I usually smile with:

4. Which statement would best describe how you feel about your smile?

5. Among the following, which one makes you smile best?

6. What’s the best thing about your smile?

7. What certain situations urge you to flash your brightest smile?

8. How do you feel about smiling in front of the camera?

9. What do you do when you’re not in the mood but was asked to smile?

10. You met a stranger and he/she surprisingly beamed a smile at you. How will you respond?

11. You’re hanging out with your friends and they decided to capture the moment. How will you smile in pictures?

12. During embarrassing situations, how do you deal with other people who laugh at you?

13. Do you always mind checking how your smile looks in the pictures?

14. How do you react to funny jokes?

Quiz: What Your Smile Says About Your Personality
Duchenne Smile

Duchenne Smile

Known as the ‘true smile of happiness’, your duchenne smile speaks of your bright personality that lights up even the darkest situations. You find happiness in almost anything and you have a smile that reaches the heart. Your child-like vibe complements your pearly whites that never fail to draw people in. This is why you never struggle finding new friends. And when you do make friends, they always remember you and they can’t help but look for your presence whenever they go.
Dampened Smile

Dampened Smile

Your smile carries a bit of mystery to it and you sometimes come off as cold and rude. You also tend to overthink situations that the emotions you feel no longer translate into your reaction. But the truth is, you actually have a very kind heart. The perfectionist in you just hinders you from showing your true happiness.

It might take a while for people to see you flash your brightest smile but when they do, you keep a lasting relationship with them as you’re someone who can be trusted and never hides behind pretensions. What they see is what they get.
Embarrassed Smile

Embarrassed Smile

You have a very shy personality that makes you hold back from a lot of things. You are easily embarrassed and always think of what people will say about you. As much as possible, you try to avoid attention and would rather be on the sidelines. You also feel conscious when people look at your smile, thinking that they’re judging your pearly whites when most of the time, they’re simply appreciating their beauty! One thing you should remember is that you have a gorgeous smile and you should never hide it from the world.
Flirtatious Smile

Flirtatious Smile

You have a certain charm in you that makes people turn their heads whenever you smile. And the good thing is - that’s how you like it! You are very confident and being the center of attention is your cup of tea. Sometimes, your playful personality plays the game and you use your seductive smile to get what you want, or more like who you want. The sensuality in you always shows in the way you smile, especially when you start biting your lip, and people can’t help but get magnetized to you.

It might be easy to tell how someone feels based on their smiles. But smiles can actually indicate far deeper meanings that extend to the personality of the person. Remember that your smile is unique, and so are you. If you feel that your lack of confidence hinders you from flaunting your smile, don’t worry because just like your personality, your teeth can be improved as well. 

Regardless of personality type, it can’t be denied that everyone wishes to have a set of pearly whites that they can confidently beam whenever they can. The Smile Bar will make it happen for you! Contact us today.