Keeping Your Teeth Stunningly White: The Dont’s

Keep in mind that immediately after the teeth whitening procedure at The Smile Bar, your teeth are very vulnerable to new stains — and if you’re not careful, they can get discoloured again! But if you want to avoid the down time (which is 72 hours), ask our staff about NanoSeal Total+, a one-minute solution that remineralises the teeth’s enamel, so you can eat and drink whatever you want as soon as you leave the shop.

But in order to keep your smile whiter and brighter for longer, we’ve put together a summary of don’ts to help you out. As a general rule, anything that can stain a white shirt can stain the teeth, according to Marc Liechtung, DMD, a New York-based specialist in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. So here’s a list of foods and drinks to avoid or cut back on to keep your teeth stunningly white:


Tea and Coffee — These two beverages are the most common causes of surface stains on the teeth. And tea stains are actually even more difficult to remove than coffee stains!

Juices — The acid content of citrus fruits can erode the enamel and expose the underlying dentin, which has a yellowish hue. But we know that juices, especially the freshly-squeezed ones, are good for the body, it’s recommended to rinse your mouth with water after drinking them. 

Colas and Sports Drinks – These contain phosphoric acid as well as copious amounts of sugar, which contribute to the build-up of plaque and cavities. 

Alcoholic Drinks – Red and white wine can stain your teeth if you drink too much! White wine’s acidic composition etches tiny trenches in your teeth, making them more porous and easily stained. On the other hand, the pigments in red wine easily stick to the teeth.

Acidic Beverages — Because they modify the pH balance of the mouth, the teeth becomes more susceptible to damage. 

As much as possible, stick to clear drinks, especially water!


Cutting back on foods that are heavily-pigmented will also help maintain the effects of your teeth whitening procedure. Remember, the color of your food can become the color on your teeth. Highly-acidic foods cause just as much harm to your teeth, because the chemical compound erodes your teeth’s enamel.

Red Meats –  These include lamb, beef, and pork, and other by-products like bacon and sausages. Marinated meats can also cause teeth discolouration, especially when the marinades used are of a dark color.

Sauces and Spices — Sauces can be highly-acidic or heavily-pigmented or both, and could thus affect the color of your teeth; ketchup, curry sauce, soy sauce, and tomato sauce are examples of this. As for spices, turmeric powder, saffron, curry powder are some that can really stain your teeth.

Berries — Cranberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, basically all kinds of berries can stain your teeth, so consume them in moderation and always rinse with water right after eating.

Salads Dressings — Balsamic vinegar and most vinaigrettes, as well as other pigmented salad dressings, also have teeth-staining properties.

Candy — Sweets, chocolates, and other desserts promote bacterial growth in your mouth because of the sugar in them. If you don’t rinse well after eating, the bacteria build-up will damage your enamel and discolour your teeth, and lead to a lot of other dental issues.

Some Vegetables — Spinach, peas, sweet corn, green bean, broccoli, mushrooms, beetroot, sprout, asparagus, and beets are healthy foods, but be sure you don’t consume too much of them as they can cause tooth discolouration. Pickled vegetables can be worse due to the acid content.

Some Carbohydrates — Brown rice, dark pasta, and dark breads are not ideal for you if you’re trying to maintain your white teeth. 

Fatty Foods – It’s best to avoid foods like unskimmed milk, butter and margarine, and other creamy foods, right after the treatment. 

Cold Foods – If your teeth are too sensitive, avoid intake of foods straight away from the refrigerator and eat items at warmer temperature. Teeth may be vulnerable to cold temperatures nearly up to 36 hours after a whitening session. In order to reduce the pain induced by temperature, it is better to get rid of cold foods like ice water, frozen yogurt, ice cream, and several other cold desserts.


Medications – Doctors suggest to avoid various antibacterial medications like tetracycline as it may trigger teeth blots.

Tobacco Products – Smoking can greatly discolour teeth, and chewing tobacco isn’t much safer. Any tobacco product will have devastating effects on teeth.