Is Teeth Whitening Addictive?

In his or her own way, every person can be quite vain — and there’s nothing wrong with that! There’s no harm in looking our best, after all. But in our quest to improve our appearance, some of us could fall into the trap of overdoing it. Just as there have been people who got addicted to plastic surgery, there are those who could get addicted to teeth whitening, especially now that DIY whitening kits are readily available in the market.


How white is white enough?

Some people just can’t seem to be satisfied with the whiteness of their teeth, which leads them to experiment in all sorts of treatments and procedures to achieve the elusive white and bright smile. However, what they need to understand is that, just like the rest of the body, ageing has a direct effect on the whiteness of teeth. No matter how often they use or have treatments done, or how religiously they maintain their oral health with good habits, the effects will not last forever.


Danger zone: Addiction

Unfortunately, with a lot of trendy teeth whitening products within everyone’s reach, it’s quite easy for people to get sucked into the teeth whitening addiction cycle. When a certain product is no longer effective for whatever reason, they go around to shop for alternatives — none of which are actually guaranteed to work.

The danger of this is that not all teeth whitening products in the market are safe. A lot of these products contain harmful and abrasive ingredients. And although they can give the user whiter teeth, they can cause damage on the teeth’s enamel and expose dentin in the long-term — and even make teeth yellower! On top that, they can also cause side effects like tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, or in some severe cases, even bleeding. 

The thinning of the enamel can make teeth appear translucent, which defeats the purpose of the whitening treatment. So it’s best to leave teeth whitening at the hands of experts — like The Smile Bar!