9 Interesting Facts About Teeth Whitening

October 14, 2019
9 Interesting Facts About Teeth Whitening

Who wouldn’t want to flash their brightest smile with full pride? Having whiter teeth equates to gaining more confidence, that is why people are increasingly becoming invested in making their teeth brighter. If you were to extend efforts on certain teeth whitening treatments and lifestyle changes, it might be helpful to equip yourself first with the things you need to know about making your teeth brighter.

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9 Facts About Teeth Whitening that You Need to Know

1. Your Teeth Contain Pores

Just like your skin, your teeth have tiny openings on the surface called dentin tubules. These make your teeth exhibit sponge-like properties that allow them to absorb pigments.

2. Some Food and Drinks Don’t Only Stain Your Clothes, But Your Teeth as well

Steer away from food and beverages, like coffee, tea, wine, berries, soy sauce, etc. that cause discoloration to your teeth. Limit your intake, if you underwent a teeth whitening treatment. Avoid consuming any of such substances around 72 hours after the procedure. Certain lifestyle changes must also be made, especially when you’re a smoker. The tar and nicotine in your cigarettes make your pearly whites pigmented.

3. Certain Fruits Won’t Do Your Teeth Any Good

Contrary to popular beliefs, strawberries and lemons do not provide a brightening action for your teeth. These fruits fail to contain peroxide, which is a necessary agent for teeth whitening. What’s worse is that you might end up doing your teeth more harm than help, since their acids catalyze the breaking process of your enamel.

4. Water Does Wonders to Whiten Your Teeth

Water flushes away the pigments and food particles. Make it a habit to drink water right after eating or drinking in order to give your teeth a fast rinse.

5. Some Whitening Toothpaste Can Have Harmful Effects

There goes a popular notion– too much of something is bad, and the same goes for whitening toothpaste. In fact, Cleveland Clinic limits its frequency to once to twice a week usage. This sole purpose is of stain removal and discoloration prevention. During the rest of the days, regular toothpaste is suggested.

However, there are certain teeth whitening products that are exempted from this claim. These kinds of toothpaste are guaranteed safe for daily use and are proven effective to whiten teeth. Ultimately, it still boils down to the kinds of products that you use and the recommendations from the experts. We strongly suggest using BrilliantSmileTM Sweden toothpaste.

6. Teeth Whitening Works Even While You’re Asleep

The pores in your teeth become widely open immediately after the whitening process (whether at home or at a clinic). Thus, whitening your teeth just before bedtime makes your pores less susceptible to the absorption of stains since you wouldn’t normally eat while sleeping. Moreover, it gives the opportunity for the teeth to rehydrate and replenish the minerals.

7. Not All Teeth Can Be Bleached

Teeth- whitening effects are more visible for people with yellow teeth than those with brown-colored teeth. But if your teeth color happens to be gray and purple teeth, the stains might even be more difficult to remove or might be impossible to remove at all.

8. Oral Sensitivity is a Sign of Success

After the bleaching process, you may experience side effects that include a certain degree of sensitivity to cold, sore throat, gum irritation, etc. Don’t panic! These are normal. The sensations may last around 12 to 14 hours due to the bleach doing its process of dehydration.

But if you want to steer away from experiencing these, The Smile Bar guarantees pain-free procedures that will not carry side effects! The success of teeth whitening doesn’t always have to come with discomfort.

9. Teeth Whitening Effects Do Not Last Forever

Even the greatest teeth whitening ingredient can only do so much. No whitening agent nor equipment can give permanent effects that will stand the test of time. At The Smile Bar, you can enjoy brighter teeth for up to 6 months, aided with regular brushing and flossing activities.


Your smile is your best accessory, and it’s important to keep it bright all the time. Before you engage in any teeth whitening treatments make sure to know the ins and outs surrounding the idea of teeth whitening first. Ultimately, if you want to experience the best results, in-salon teeth whitening treatments might be your best option since they are more effective than home-made kits.

Do you need a consult? Don’t hesitate to contact us and The Smile Bar will provide you with everything that you need to know about teeth whitening!

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