How To Whiten Black Stains on Teeth?

July 18, 2021
What Are The Ways To Whiten Black Stains on Teeth?

Many people desire a beautiful and more radiant look through a whiter set of teeth. On the contrary, several people don’t consider the yellowish color on our teeth as clean or attractive. Yet because of genetics, some cases of having yellowish teeth are normal. But this is not the case with a black tooth. And it’s not only because it ruins the great white shark teeth look that everyone wants to have. Even a single black stain on teeth could be a symptom of more serious dental problems such as cavities and tartar. 

With black spots on teeth, people cannot always use the most common ways to whiten teeth that effectively treat the yellow tint usually seen on people’s teeth. Not all teeth whitening products are also effective in treating them. But what causes them? And what are the ways to whiten teeth that have black spots in them?

How Does A Black Tooth Affect Great White Shark Teeth?

Even the smallest black stain can ruin great white shark teeth look

It’s completely understandable when people feel concerned about a single black tooth in their mouth. And it’s not only because it destroys the great white shark teeth most people want to have. But it’s also because black spots on teeth are also symptoms of other dental problems, such as cavities or tartar. Just like the yellow stains we see on other people’s teeth, we could classify these black stains as either intrinsic or extrinsic. The main difference is where the damage comes from. Intrinsic stains come from the internal parts of the teeth and become more apparent. This usually happens when a condition causes decay and damage to the tooth. Extrinsic stains occur in the outer parts of the teeth such as the enamel. Extrinsic stains occur due to damages and staining in the teeth’s enamel.

Many factors cause this to happen. These causes range from lifestyle-related factors such as poor oral hygiene, diet, and smoking to more serious dental conditions such as tartar, cavities, and even a dead tooth. They are often related to one another since lifestyle and poor oral hygiene both prevent people from having great white shark teeth and they highly contribute to cavities and tartar as well. Cavities occur when bacteria stick into the teeth and weren’t removed through proper oral hygiene. Tartar could also create a black tooth, as some tartar has a darker color. Aside from cavities and tartar, when a tooth dies, its blood supply would be cut off. This will cause the tooth to slowly die, darken, and get its black color. This does not only destroy the great white shark teeth look in your mouth but a dead tooth could also cause other problems especially when not treated right away. 

What Are The Different Ways To Treat a Black Tooth?

 There are a few ways to diminish the effects of black tooth

There are a few ways to diminish the effects of black tooth

Several people use different ways to whiten teeth to get the great white shark teeth they’ve always wanted. But when it comes to a black tooth, it’s a completely different story. Because some serious dental conditions cause people to have a blacker color in their teeth, they could not always be treated by using the most common ways to whiten teeth, especially methods that could be done at home. A dentist knows how to resolve these issues, although these ways to whiten teeth will not always work for everyone with black stains on teeth. Not all teeth whitening products could also work with this problem, even if they help with giving people that great white shark teeth look. This is especially if the stain is intrinsic. If a tooth is black because it is dead, then it needs to be removed since a dead tooth can no longer be saved. 


As for tartar, the dentist will remove the buildup either by scraping it or by using certain instruments that could break down the black tartar on your teeth.  But when it comes to extrinsic stains, there are still ways to whiten teeth without having to remove them. Bleaching teeth is usually the best method of removing black stains on teeth. But at-home whitening kits may not work so it’s best to have your teeth whitened with your dentist. These are some of the only few ways to whiten teeth that are effective in both giving you great white shark teeth and reducing the effects of black stains in your teeth. Dentists use a peroxide solution (hydrogen or carbamide peroxide) as well as a special type of light to fasten the whitening process and whiten a black tooth.

Can Teeth Whitening Products Resolve This Issue?

Not all teeth whitening products and techniques could help with black stains on teeth

Not all teeth whitening products and techniques could help with black stains on teeth

Not all teeth whitening products could help with removing black stains on teeth. This is the case even if they help whiten your teeth and remove that yellowish tint in your teeth. It’s because these ways to whiten teeth can’t always get to the root of the problem. If cavities, tartar, or even a dead tooth cause the issue to happen, they could no longer resolve the problem. Hence, you would need to get professional help to have it treated. Some of these products could remove stains caused by dark-colored foods. This includes whitening toothpaste as well as hydrogen peroxide and even baking soda. However, there is no guarantee that these teeth whitening products could remove extrinsic black stains on your teeth and it’s still best to check with your dentist to know the cause of the black stains on your teeth along with the best treatment for it. 


But one of the best ways to remove a black tooth is through prevention. And this is where teeth whitening products come in. Products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss promote oral hygiene that prevents cavities and tartar from building up. Various teeth whitening products could also remove stains that foods like cola and wine as well as smoking or chewing tobacco cause. Some might not be powerful enough to completely remove black stains on your teeth. But they are effective enough to make them less obvious. It’s hard to find a good product for black stains on your teeth. But the good news is that The Smile Bar also offers various teeth whitening products that help prevent black stains from showing up in your teeth. You may visit The Smile Bar’s online shop or Facebook page.



Having a black tooth can be a huge problem for people who want to get great white shark teeth. It is also a cause for concern since it is a common symptom for more serious dental conditions, such as cavities and tartar. There are a few ways to whiten teeth that you can try if you have black stains on your teeth. Teeth whitening products may not remove these black stains on your teeth, but they could help in preventing them from occurring.

But if you ever see black stains on your teeth and you want a professional to remove them, then you can book an in-office whitening session with The Smile Bar by going to this link. This revolutionary procedure is not only effective but also safe and quick. You can expect results in just one visit and each session lasts for around 20 minutes only!

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