Home/ DIY Whitening Treatment vs Salon Whitening

Gone are the days when we’d have to look out for the next magazine issue to view

the latest trends updates with our favorite celebrities. With social media, keeping up with our idols and friends, have been so much easier. While this made us more connected, the visual, easy to access platforms such as Instagram has also made today’s generation even more self-conscious than ever before. This has led to the rising demand for products and services for self-improvement, including teeth whitening. This growing demand opened new opportunities not only for dental practitioners but also for new alternatives such as home/DIY whitening treatments and Salon Whitening.

DIY Whitening

Do-it-yourself and homemade teeth whitening products are popping out everywhere in the online retail space. Among the wide-variety options are:

  • Special teeth whitening rinse made from a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide
  • Whitening toothpaste
  • Teeth whitening strips

While DIY whitening products are easy to purchase and generally more affordable, DIY bleaching products with promises of fast results would often have a high carbamide peroxide composition which can result to teeth and gum sensitivity. On the other hand, most teeth whitening products would also suggest at least 1-2 weeks of continuous use to see results.

Salon Whitening

A safe and convenient way to get your teeth whitened by trained professionals,

salon whitening offers a spa-like experience to lighten your teeth. Compared to DIY whitening where you would have to use the product over time to see results, a teeth whitening salon offers a faster, safer and more convenient way for you to get visibly whiter teeth after each session.

The Smile Bar, a teeth whitening salon, offers the fastest, safest teeth whitening

system in the Philippines. With branches located at Ayala Malls Vertis North and Uptown Parade Mall in BGC, The Smile Bar uses a state-of-the-art, patented technology from BrilliantSmile Sweden. This innovative technology can make your teeth 2 to 9 shades lighter in just one visit by using a whitening gel that is activated by a LED plasma light to safely remove organic stains from your teeth.

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