Different Lighting Methods for Teeth Whitening

Oftentimes, it is in what we eat or drink that causes our teeth to have discoloration. Good thing there are always teeth whitening processes to combat the discoloration of teeth. There is a long history with regards to teeth whitening. Below we will outline the different kinds of teeth whitening methods.


Plasma lights make an excellent choice for teeth whitening due to their power, but the downside is the high cost. These lights have other uses in dentistry such as ineffectively curing composites, but not all dentists have this. Because it is not commonly used, this option is out of the question for non-dentists to use.


This refers to real dental laser light. While they are often thought of for performing certain dental procedures especially if the laser is a strong one and typically in a surgical nature mostly on the soft tissues and gums. In the past the use of laser to remove pigment from teeth without gel but was found to be quite unsafe. One of the drawbacks here is that when laser is used to whiten teeth, a narrow beam is fired so it can be quite tasking for the dentist to move carefully from tooth to tooth.


A few teeth whitening lamp distributors used halogen bulbs as the main light source. The issue with this is that these lights are powerful and tend to get very hot. This poses a danger to burns on the skin and other tissues.


Ultraviolet was discovered to activate hydrogen peroxide gel in helping it react fast, making UV teeth whitening lights the norm in the industry for years. The drawback to UV lights is that it’s harmful to human beings. As much as the dentist can cover the outside of the mouth, the inside of the mouth is exposed and in particular, the gums are not covered.

Blue LED

Blue LED whitening consists of lamps that range in power from fractions of a watt to a few watts. These give off a cold blue light that cannot burn the skin or gums, which is what makes it safe. The wavelength, typically in the rage of 430-490 nanometers, activates different chemical compounds such as hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) teeth whitening gel is the best bleaching agent for teeth and because blue light can activate this well, it is no wonder why most bleaching lights in the teeth making use of this. This is the safe choice and the reason why the industry shifted from the use of UV lights that have potential risks to the safer Blue LED lights, as they both help activate the hydrogen peroxide.

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