Choosing the Best Toothbrush for You

Making the right decision in choosing a toothbrush is very important, you have to balance comfort and effectiveness and cost. And as always, please replace your toothbrush regularly for maximum effectiveness. The toothbrush is still the number one tool at your disposal for good oral hygiene.

Please consider these points when choosing a toothbrush:

1. Good Grips

Choosing a toothbrush that’s comfortable to use and has a comfortable handle so you will more likely use it longer and have proper use. Make sure the handle is long enough to reach the back part of your mouth. In order for proper gum care, a soft bristle tooth brush is suggested.

2. Go Soft

Ever got confused with the Soft and Medium labels in the supermarket? Soft is recommended for a healthier gum line!

3. Go Small

Contrary to popular thought, the smaller the toothbrush the better! This will make brushing easier and will allow you to reach and clean crevics and areas which may be hard to reach with bigger brush heads.

4. Go Jagged

Not just a gimick! Angled bristles and multi level criss cross bristles actually have a function! It allows the brush to adjust between each teeth to make sure it reaches them.

The various angles of the bristles is important to allow the brush to form and get in between your teeth and form to each tooth shape.

5. Tested and Approved

Always look for the seal of approval from your local dental government department. Or if it’s imported, make sure to check. This will ensure the quality of your brush.

When choosing a toothbrush for a toddler or child, make sure to choose one suited for his/her age. Allowing the children for a better grip on their brush will make instilling the virtues of brushing easier. It does help for a colorful or cute character that will maintain your child’s interest. They are many of them nowadays.

6. Dentist Squared

Remember to follow the twice a year dentist rule! If you have any other concerns, remember to check with the professional.


The mouth is the key in maintaining your overall health! That’s where all your food goes through. So take care of your teeth and gums!