6 Common Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked!

You might be surprised at all the teeth whitening options available nowadays. A quick Google search will list down all kinds of techniques ranging from at-home methods to tried and tested dental procedures.

Although the availability of information is helpful,  the sheer variety has also resulted in several myths that can easily confuse someone who’s honestly curious about teeth whitening.

You’ll want to figure out the facts before giving teeth whitening a try yourself. Here are 6 of the most common teeth whitening myths around!


6 Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked


1. Myth: Stronger Bleaching Products Can Give You Whiter Teeth in Less Time

Fact: The active ingredient in bleaching products is a peroxide, which can actually make your teeth more sensitive at higher concentrations. Plus, individual teeth whiten at different rates, so you can’t be certain that using a stronger product will really bleach your teeth faster.


2. Myth: Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Treatments are Completely Safe

Fact: It depends. OTC teeth whitening products generally have lower amounts of peroxide. However, you have to be sure to choose a quality product and apply it properly!

If you purchase a substandard product, accidentally apply it to your gums, or overuse it, you might end up hurting your teeth. It’s a good thing that Brilliant SmileTM Sweden has developed its Whitening Oral Care Regime, complete with instructions for you to follow. Brilliant SmileTM products can deal with surface stains, prevent further teeth discoloration, and keep your oral health in check.


3. Myth: DIY Teeth Whitening is as Good as Professional Teeth Whitening

Fact: There are several DIY teeth whitening techniques on the Internet today. However, none of them can really match the whitening results that a dental professional can provide. Here’s a rundown of some of these at-home techniques:

    • Strawberries and Lemons. These fruits might appear to whiten teeth, but at a cost. First, they lack peroxide, which means they won’t provide any true whitening action. Their acids can remove plaque and surface debris, but they also soften the teeth and cause the enamel to erode faster. Remember, enamel does not grow back.
    • Baking Soda. Like crushed strawberries, baking soda can help you deal with surface stains but only provides minimal whitening. It can actually damage the enamel and lead to cavities if used more than once a week. It can’t substitute for regular toothpaste, either.
    • Oil. The Ayurvedic technique of oil pulling might improve oral health, but it is not scientifically proven to whiten stained teeth.
    • Hydrogen Peroxide. Yes, peroxide can be found in several teeth whitening products. However, simply swishing a mouthful of it won’t make your teeth any whiter. You may end up damaging your oral tissues instead.


4. Myth: Teeth Whitening Will Definitely Damage the Enamel

Fact: State-of-the-art dental technology is designed to whiten the teeth safely, leaving the enamel in top condition. However, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll want to leave the whitening to the professionals for this. One way to get a brighter smile without putting your teeth at risk is to book a seat at The Smile Bar!


5. Myth: Teeth Whitening Will Give You an Unnatural-Looking Smile

Fact: Teeth whitening is progressive. If you’re happy with the results after a single treatment, you can stop there. After all, one direct whitening session can make your teeth whiter by 2 to 9 shades already. Of course, you’re welcome to go for additional treatments for a brighter smile!

The treatments work to restore the original whiteness of the enamel prior to discoloration, which depends on a patient’s genetics.


6. Myth: Teeth Whitening Lasts Forever

Fact: While the whitening effect is permanent, your teeth will continue to age and yellow naturally. This is where your diet and oral hygiene come in. You can maintain your dazzling smile for up to 6 months if you brush and floss regularly, cut back on pigmented food and drinks, and do away with cigarettes. It also helps if you use Brilliant SmileTM oral care products and schedule follow-up whitening sessions with The Smile Bar.


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When it comes to teeth whitening, you’ll want to go with a technique that’s backed by science and performed by dental professionals. Why not drop by The Smile Bar for teeth whitening that is safe, proven, and incredibly convenient?

Our teeth whitening uses state-of-the-art technology developed and thoroughly tested by Swedish industry leader Brilliant SmileTM. We can also supply you with the post-treatment advice and high-quality oral healthcare products you need to maintain your smile for longer. Book a seat with us now!

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