5 Tips to a Brighter Smile

Never underestimate what a great smile can do for you. Not only does it help you make a good first impression, it can also do wonders for your appearance and disposition. So be sure to keep your teeth white and your smile bright with these tips:


1. Help yourself to saliva-inducing foods!

Your saliva has antibacterial properties that help protect the teeth. At the same time, they help rinse away stain-causing food debris.


2. Be careful with what you drink.

Sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks, and other carbonated drinks contain acids and sugars that are harmful to teeth and to your overall health — so be sure that you control your intake! 

Wine has health benefits, but its pigments can stain your teeth, so it’s good to rinse with water after drinking. 


3. Brush, floss, and gargle regularly.

You’re in charge of your own oral health — so make brushing, flossing, and gargling a habit! And to boost your oral hygiene, use products like BrilliantSmileTM Sweden Oral Care System.


4. Go for a professional cosmetic whitening treatment.

Try The Smile Bar’s direct whitening treatment! In as little as 20 minutes for the Single Whitening Session, your teeth can get 2 to 9 shades lighter. But if you want to see significant whitening, go for Double or even Triple Whitening! It’s not only effective, it’s also perfectly safe — you won’t experience any pain or side effects.


5. Don’t scrimp on your dental needs.

Visit your dentist at least twice a year for prophylaxis and for an overall oral health check. 

If you have chips or gaps between your teeth, get them fixed by your dentist! When left untreated, even the smallest problems can result to big damage later on. There are different procedures to address them — from fillings to veneers, from bonding to crowns, and even dental braces.