The Best Wedding Teeth Whiteners: A Picture Perfect Smile

On your wedding day, all eyes will be on you, and there will likely be a million photographs taken of you and your spouse-to-be. So, it’s important that your smile is brilliant and bright! Make teeth whitening a part of your wedding preparations. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure that your smile is picture perfect! 

If you want immediate results, I suggest getting your teeth professionally whitened. If you’re looking to save some money for the honeymoon, and you’ve got some time left before your big day, teeth whitening products might be the way to go for you. To help you make your choice, I’ve listed some of the top teeth whitening options for weddings below, along with some other tips to help you achieve a brilliant smile!


If You Want to Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

Visit The Smile Bar

The Smile Bar is a teeth whitening salon that offers the fastest, most effective, and safest teeth whitening system in the country. While teeth whitening products for weddings are good, this is the recommended option for those who want the brightest, whitest teeth possible. In just one short visit to The Smile Bar, your teeth can turn 2 to 9 shades lighter.

The Smile Bar offers different services, depending on how many direct whitening sessions you want to avail of. One session is priced at P3,999, two sessions are priced at P5,999 (you save P1999), and three sessions are priced at P7,499 (you save P4498). For P28,499 you can avail of 12 direct whitening sessions for two. This is the perfect teeth whitening package for weddings. Both bride and groom can get their teeth whitened, plus you save P19,489 of your wedding budget!

Click here to see the results of a session at The Smile Bar. Then, choose which teeth whitening package is right for you. Book an appointment and visit The Smile Bar today!


Image Via The Smile Bar

The Smile Bar – Uptown Parade BGC

Address: 2/f Uptown Parade, 9th Avenue, corner 36th St, Taguig

Opening hours: 10 AM – 10 PM

Telephone: 02 8541 2853

Instagram: @ thesmilebarph

The Smile Bar – Ayala Malls, Vertis North

Address: 4/f, Cinema level, Ayala Mall, Vertis North 173, Quezon City

Opening hours: 11 AM – 8 PM

Telephone: 0917 590 0792

Instagram: @ thesmilebarph


If You Want to Buy the Best Teeth Whitening Products for Weddings

When it comes to teeth whitening products, maintenance is key! Here are some accessible and high-quality teeth whitening products for weddings that you can easily make a part of your daily oral hygiene routine. To get the most bang for your buck, you can use these products as maintenance partners after a teeth whitening session at The Smile Bar!


Brilliant SmileTM WhiteningEVO Toothpaste

Out of all the teeth whitening products for weddings, this is what I would recommend the most. You’ll surely have a lot on your mind while preparing for your special day, so to give you one less thing to worry about, simply substitute your current toothpaste with the Brilliant SmileTM WhiteningEVO Toothpaste. This is a fuss-free way to get a picture perfect smile!

Brilliant Smile is a trusted Swedish Brand, and their products are the gold standard of teeth whitening. Available in 65mL tubes for P849, this toothpaste dissolves and removes existing stains, prevents the formation of new ones, and repairs and rebuilds enamel.


Image via The Smile Bar

Brilliant SmileTM WhiteningEVO Mouthrinse

The Brilliant SmileTM WhiteningEVO Mouthrinse is meant to be used before brushing your teeth. I know it’s an extra step in your routine, but it’s your wedding! If there’s a time to be extra, it’s now.

Also a Brilliant SmileTM product, this mouth rinse loosens the surface stains on your teeth, making them easier to brush off. It also strengthens the enamel of your teeth. You can get a 250mL bottle for only P999!

Image via The Smile Bar

EvoBoost Premium Bundle

If you want to go all out (and for an occasion as special as your wedding, I suggest you do), then avail of the EvoBoost Premium Bundle! For P1,999, you can get one 250mL bottle of WhiteningEVO Mouthrinse, one 65mL tube of WhiteningEVO Toothpaste, and one 20mL tube of Brilliant SmileTM WhiteningBOOST Toothpaste.

Compared to the WhiteningEVO Toothpaste, which is great for everyday use, the WhiteningBOOST Toothpaste is meant to be used for two weeks only. It offers an extra, more intensive whitening boost – just what you need for a brilliant and bright smile!

Image via The Smile Bar

All products listed above are available online at or in-store at The Smile Bar Uptown BGC or The Smile Bar Ayala Malls, Vertis North.



If You Want Other Tips to Achieve a Picture Perfect Smile 

Don’t put your efforts to achieve a brilliant smile go to waste! Do your best to avoid teeth staining agents to prevent your teeth from turning more yellow or brown. 

Food and Drinks

To cope with the stress of wedding planning, you’re likely going to grab a cup of coffee to help boost your energy and a glass (or maybe even a bottle?) of red wine to help you relax. However, be careful with how much coffee and red wine you consume. Remember to drink in moderation as these are some of the most common culprits in teeth staining. 

Other drinks to avoid are tea, dark-colored soda, and acidic and pigmented fruit juices. As for food to avoid, be wary of ingredients like tomato sauces and beets. You may want to adjust your wedding menu accordingly!

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash



Aside from avoiding teeth-staining food and drinks, smoking is also known to cause discoloration and weakening of the teeth. So, for the sake of your brilliant smile, stay away from the tar and nicotine in cigarette products. A cigarette break might sound refreshing, but yellow teeth don’t!

Photo by Andres Siimon on Unsplash