Triple whitening for the triple-threat

Jessey De Leon

As an athlete, she doesn’t just train day in and day out — she appears on national television every time her team plays a volleyball game. As an architect, she doesn’t just sit and make plans — she meets with clients to present concepts and solutions that should meet their needs. And as a model, she doesn’t just smile at the cameras — she has to look her best to be casted and chosen.

“I’ve always been particular about my dental hygiene, so I’ve never really had major issues with my teeth,” shares triple-threat stunner Jessey De Leon, who first came into the public eye as a varsity player for the University of Santo Tomas. “But in modelling, the standards are high, and so I knew I had to step up my game in the smile department.” I usually book shoots when an agent pitches me to casters by showing them photos and videos of me that will fit their requirement. Jessey knew and understood that her white, bright smile gives her an advantage because some shoots booked needed them to flash their smiles. With plenty of other beautiful women vying for the same modelling gigs, taking care of her teeth (with her daily brushing and gargling and the usual twice-a-year prophylaxis) is no longer enough — she needed to make them look even better. And so she visited The Smile Bar in February 2019.


“But in modelling, the standards are high, and so I knew I had to step up my game in the smile department.”

She went for Triple Whitening right away, as she was unsure when she can come back for a follow- up on account of her busy schedule. During the evaluation, she learned that the stains on the surface of her teeth were concentrated towards the center. At the end of 90 minutes, those stains were gone and her teeth had become eight shades lighter.

Having whiter teeth made Jessey’s smile significantly brighter, which, in turn, made her feel more confident about her upcoming shoots, more comfortable about getting photographed on court during volleyball games, and more self-assured when talking to clients at work.

From 2 to 9 shades lighter in 20 minutes!

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