Aaron Atayde

Getting that Camera-ready Smile in All Angles

A nice smile is a key to a great picture and I got mine in no time. As a sports anchor, keeping my teeth in top shape is important for me to look my best on camera. I decided to have a Double Whitening treatment at The Smile Bar to achieve the brighter smile I never knew I needed.

The whole treatment only took four steps which didn’t last very long. Many would-be worried

about having these kinds of treatments done due to the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic, but all safety protocols were strictly followed at the salon. I can assure you that the whole place was sanitized and everyone wore their P.P.E.’s so it was very safe.

I came in, started with an orientation and evaluation, and then went ahead to a pre-whitening

procedure. I gargled with their Brilliant Smile Whitening EVO Mouthrinse and they brushed my teeth with their Brilliant Smile Whitening EVO Toothpaste. Once we started with the whitening session itself, I got comfortable in their egg chairs and let their LED lamp do its magic. You wouldn’t believe it — my teeth whitened by 10 shades which took no longer than, say, a couple of episodes of your favorite TV series. Their staff walked me through the whole process and explained what I could do to maintain my teeth’s new and pearly white shade.


My experience at The Smile Bar was seamless and extremely convenient. All the staff members were kind, friendly, and careful with the whole procedure. Given the quick process and welcoming atmosphere, I encourage everyone to get their teeth whitened here. If you’ve never had your teeth whitened before, then this is the place to be. Each session is a worthwhile experience and will give you a brighter smile in every photo.

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From 2 to 9 shades lighter in 20 minutes!

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