Filipino Wedding Sponsors: How To Invite A Ninong and Ninang To Your Wedding

September 25, 2023

A wedding entourage isn’t complete without your Ninong and Ninang! Your principal sponsors, or your Ninong and Ninang, play a very important role in your wedding ceremony. Typically older individuals who themselves are married, Filipino wedding sponsors act as witnesses whose presence is legally required for the signing of the marriage contract, and they act as godparents who can give you and your spouse advice and support regarding marriage-related matters. It’s important that you choose the Ninong and Ninang that are best for you! In this article, we’ll be helping you with this task by explaining how to invite a Ninong and Nininang to your wedding! 

Key Points

Because of the significance of a Ninong or Ninang to the wedding ceremony and to your married life, you need to be very judicious when it comes to deciding who the right Ninong or Ninang is for your wedding. After you decide how many principal sponsors you want to invite, ask yourself, whose marriages or life experiences have inspired you? Are you close to this person? Once you’ve made up your mind, send your invitations and a token of your appreciation! Make sure to keep in touch with your Ninongs and Ninangs as the years go by.

How to Invite A Ninong and Ninang To Your Wedding

Here are some questions you can ask yourself when inviting a Ninong and Ninang to your wedding. 

How many Ninongs and Ninangs should we invite?

You will need at least two sponsors present at your wedding. This is because these sponsors act as witnesses to the signing of the marriage contract and legally, at least two witnesses are required to be in attendance. In Filipino weddings, it is common to have several pairs of Ninongs and Ninangs. For small weddings, we suggest two to four pairs of Ninongs and Ninangs. Meanwhile, for larger weddings, six to eight pairs may be appropriate. Take note that some churches have a limit on the maximum number of sponsors a wedding can have, so check in with your church before sending out your invitations to your sponsors. If not, you might have to cut down on your list or pay an extra fee. 


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Whose marriage inspires us?

This is the first question you should ask when considering who to invite to be your wedding Ninong or Ninang. Ninongs and Ninangs are meant to give advice, guidance, or any form of help regarding married life, so it is important to think of couples whose marriages inspire you. This way, as you go through the ups and downs of marriage, you will be able to surround yourselves with positive examples of successful relationships. These couples can serve as role models for you and your partner.

Whose life experiences inspire us?

You may know other people who may not be able to give advice on love and marriage, but who are more than well-equipped to give advice on other aspects of life. If you want to honor these people by making them your Ninong or Ninang, go ahead! For example, they could be a teacher who has guided you in the past. As long as you think that they are someone who can help you and your spouse, then you should consider making them your Ninong or Ninang

Who are we close to?

Don’t invite someone to be your Ninong or Ninang just because your parents tell you to invite them. Invite those you are already close to or at the very least, those who genuinely want to build a relationship with you. One way to deepen your relationship with your potential Ninong or Ninang is to have a meal with them before the wedding. A simple chat over dinner can go a long way. You’ll be able to break the ice and talk about topics like wedding budget management, marriage practices, and raising children!


Sending Your Invitations

By Tara Winstead on Pexels


Usually, when inviting your Ninong or Ninang, you first informally ask them through text or social media if they are interested in the role. If they are, you can then send a  card along with their actual wedding invites. The card should ask, “Will you be our principal sponsor?”. Try to include a personal note or message for them!


The card might look something like this:

Name of Sponsor,

To stand as a witness of our love,

To guide us in our married life,

To give us wise counsel,

Will you do us the honor of becoming our Principal Sponsor?

Your Names

Date of Wedding

Wedding Venue


Thanking Your Ninong and Ninang

Saying yes and becoming a Ninong or Ninang is a huge responsibility. Make sure you show your appreciation to your principal sponsors by thanking them. A thank you note, one that acknowledges your Ninong or Ninang’s specific contributions is a lovely and simple way to say thanks. Personalized touches make this small gesture more special. Try handwriting the note and sending it soon after the wedding. Gifts, too, are always welcome. Send over a bottle of wine or champagne, or better yet, drop it off yourself and grab a drink or two with your Ninong and Ninang

Keeping In Touch

Ninongs and Ninangs aren’t just there for the wedding ceremony. Being a Ninong or Ninang is a lifetime commitment! Keep in touch with your Ninong or Ninang by communicating regularly through messages or calls, sharing important life updates with one another, and planning occasional get-togethers.

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