Annamae Lamentillo

Being the busy person that I am

Leading a national-based project and writing for a local newspaper — sometimes my body calls for a timeout. Despite the tight schedule, I try to find time to pamper and take care of myself because I think taking a break every now and then contributes greatly to productivity. One day, a friend of mine introduced me to The Smile Bar and it was life-changing. 


Entering their branch in Uptown BGC, I was warmly welcomed by their staff. I was amazed at the advanced technology they use to whiten teeth. They told me that all of their products and technology are sourced from a Sweden-based company. And with the first-hand experience, the result of my whitening session was astonishing!


I got the Triple Whitening session. It took an hour.  I informed the personnel that I love coffee so they suggested that I apply their Nanoseal Total+ add-on treatment. Since coffee is the main culprit for my teeth stains. I had to make sure I use Nanoseal so I can drink my cup right after without compromising my results. There’s really no hassle, in fact, you could chill or relax while you’re at it. I decided to take a nap while sitting on their egg-shaped chair (which I absolutely love!).

And just like that, I woke up, the 3 20 mins sessions were completed and the results are in. After three direct whitening sessions, my teeth got 8 shades lighter! Isn’t that amazing?

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From 2 to 9 shades lighter in 20 minutes!

Ready for your brighter smile?